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Artificial Intelligence

All of the Artificial Intelligence Resources You Need to Become a Hiring Machine

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113: Trending Topics – The Current State of Labor and Compensation ft. Mallory Vachon

111: Mic Drop – Becoming the 50x Recruiter ft. Matt Chambers

100: [LIVE EPISODE] State of Recruitment in 2024 ft. Louise Archer, Tim Sackett, and Matt Chambers

097: [REPLAY] Tactical Tuesday – Using ChatGPT to Shop Your MPC ft. Viven Maron

The technical side of Google’s new email guidelines: what recruiters need to know

088: Mic Drop – The Top Recruiting Agencies of the Future Will Operate Like Tech Companies, ft. Matt Chambers

074: Trending Topics – What Does “Finding Bigfoot” Really Mean? ft. Lex Winship

064: Trending Topics – Gen-Z and the Future of Recruitment ft. Lex Winship

049: New Hires in the Deep End ft. Sam as a guest on L&D in Action

046: The Reality of AI Recruiting ft. Matt Chambers

032: Tactical Tuesday – Creative Strategies to Source Top Talent ft. Vivien Maron

030: Tactical Tuesday – Using ChatGPT As Your Virtual Assistant ft. Vivien Maron

028: Tactical Tuesday – Day-to-Day Organization Best Practices ft. Vivien Maron

026: Tactical Tuesday – How to Prepare for a Successful Client Onboarding ft. Vivien Maron

022: Tactical Tuesday – Conducting a Needs Assessment with ChatGPT ft. Vivien Maron

020: Tactical Tuesday – Innovative Approaches to Business Development with ChatGPT ft. Vivien Maron

017: Tactical Tuesday – Creating an Interview Prep Phone Agenda Using ChatGPT ft. Vivien Maron

015: Tactical Tuesday – Creating a Job-Specific Prep Packet ft. Vivien Maron

011: Tactical Tuesday – Creating an Effective Interview Package with ChatGPT ft. Vivien Maron

009: Tactical Tuesday – Creating a HELPFUL Screening Questionnaire ft. Vivien Maron

006: Tactical Tuesday – Market Research for MPCs ft. Vivien Maron

004: Tactical Tuesday – Using ChatGPT to Shop Your MPCs to Hiring Managers ft. Vivien Maron

003: Recruitment + ChatGPT ft. Matt Chambers

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