Have you ever wondered how to automate your company’s recruiting process? Today, most recruiting is still accomplished using traditional methods such as posting job ads on job boards, hiring people we know on a personal level, hiring based on recommendations, or turning to networks to locate the ideal candidates. While these methods can yield good results and help businesses find the right candidates, they can be disorganized, difficult to manage, and lead us to some candidates who turn out not to be a good fit.

To help mitigate some of the issues around the recruiting process and improve upon it, Loxo is here to organize the big data needed for centralized sourcing. At the same time, Loxo is coding an algorithm that helps narrow down candidate selections to the best possible choices for each job opening.

What Is Recruiting Automation?

Recruiting automation is the process of efficiently utilizing all of your recruiting tools, along with AI-driven sourcing and automated outreach. As a result, recruiting automation creates a more seamless recruiting flow that enables you to easily add candidates and place them in matching positions. With so much big data out there to improve people’s lives, many businesses are neglecting to use that data to help find people land the perfect jobs, but automation would make that process far simpler while maximizing accuracy.

Can Recruiting Be Automated?

With today’s technological capabilities, it’s easier than ever to automate the recruiting process. Subsequently, firms that don’t implement recruitment automation will suffer from less efficiency as they struggle to find and place the right candidates for each position. You no longer need to rely on outdated methods and questionable data to help you find the ideal candidates.

How to Automate the Recruiting Process

If you want to benefit from recruitment automation, Loxo makes it easy for recruiters to pinpoint the ideal candidate for every position. We use an algorithm that’s based on billions of data points collected, which helps identify cultural fit and next logical career moves. The algorithm also helps map position requirements with experience to ensure that candidates have the level of experience you need to fill the position.

Using Loxo’s various tools that involve AI recruiting and ATS automation, you’ll be able to easily automate the recruiting process, maximizing both efficiency and accuracy.

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How Loxo Source Uses AI Recruiting to Help with Recruitment Automation

Through the use of Loxo Source recruiting technology, you can use AI for sourcing in lieu of job boards. Using a combination of big data and AI, the system ranks hundreds of millions of prospective candidates based on a number of factors. Our recruiting software looks into each candidate’s cultural fit within the prospective organization, his or her next logical career move, and many other elements that help determine which candidates are the best matches. You no longer need to pick from candidates who simply look good on paper with so much data in your hands.

Loxo Source offers a number of capabilities for recruiters, including:

  • Conduct searches by boolean keywords, or choose from different filters including title, location, experience, or tenure to find the perfect candidates anywhere in the world.
  • Benefit from a significant reduction in cost-per-hire by saving more money that would ordinarily go toward various recruiting tools, external sourcing, or additional hires.
  • Locate candidate contact details for phone calls, emails, or texts.
  • Quickly add more people into job pipelines, drip emails, and tagged lists that increase ease of communication.
  • Save recruiters as much as thousands of hours annually by cutting data entry.
  • Maintain compliance with reliable data security including U.S. Department of Commerce Privacy Shield and GDPR.
  • Automate follow-up and recruitment marketing campaigns.
  • Remain competitive throughout the recruiting and hiring process by retaining IP and critical marketing intelligence.

Use the Chrome Extension for Quick Connections

You can make the recruitment process even easier using the Loxo Chrome extension, which allows you to input people directly into your system from LinkedIn, parsing their profile and enriching their information for use within Loxo. Simply download the extension and add it to your Chrome browser with a single install. You can then click on the icon when on a potential candidate’s profile, and the sidebar will pop up, enabling you to create a new record for the person. It will also let you know if the person is already in the system to avoid duplicates.

If you’re ready to contact the individual, you can also send an email or SMS directly through the extension as you add him or her to a specific job, campaign, or deal. You can also easily update information about each person to keep everything up-to-date.

Use Loxo Connect to Access Personal Contact Information

We also understand that talent acquisition entails a lot more after final submittals, and the ability to establish and grow relationships with candidates is crucial. It can be a challenge to increase engagement via LinkedIn communications or other unconventional channels, as texting is proven to perform better. With the help of Loxo Connect, you can further automate the recruiting process by locating personal contact information with one simple click.

All personal information such as personal emails and mobile numbers, along with company emails and phone numbers, will give you everything you need to contact candidates. With Loxo Connect, you’ll experience even more efficiency as you eliminate more data entry and administrative research tasks in order to automate your company’s recruiting process.

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Use Loxo Outreach to Automate Follow-Up

Relationship management is also vital to succeed with candidates and clients alike. Using the Loxo Outreach tool, you can easily follow up with candidates through a series of customized communications. You can also set up communications collectively or add people as they enter your database.

Loxo Outreach makes it easier than ever to create an outreach campaign from templates or from scratch. You can then choose from stages such as email, SMS, call queue, voicemail drop, LinkedIn tasks, or Loxo tasks. From there, add as many stages as you want for each campaign, and create delays to avoid contacting the same person multiple times within a day.

Loxo Outreach also makes it easy to change any aspects of your campaign prior to adding people.

Optimize and Automate the Recruiting Process with the Help of Loxo’s Solutions

By utilizing Loxo’s tools and state-of-the-art recruiting technology, you can supercharge the recruiting process through automated sourcing and much more. If you would like to learn more about the capabilities of Loxo and learn how to automate your company’s recruiting process, demo Loxo today and you’ll see how our solution can help you successfully find and connect with the perfect candidates.