We Are Building The Next Generation Applicant Tracking System. Loxo, the Talent Intelligence Platform.

Since founding Loxo in 2012, our mission has been to help ambitious people reach their greatest potential. We are entrepreneurial, curious and extremely passionate about our mission, about delighting our customers and about building the most user friendly and elegant product on the market. The future of recruiting and talent acquisition will be interwoven with big data, analytics and tools that improve decision making in the hiring process. Fortune500 companies and the big online tech giants have the resources to invest in this infrastructure, however recruiting experts who are closest to the talent are progressively being left behind.

Loxo has been built from the ground up for this day, and we are committed to leading the charge for recruiting professionals, and delivering a world class solution that is affordable.

The name Loxo was born to align with our mission and the concept of accelerating one’s career path and helping an individual achieve their greatest potential. Loxo was a Greek mythological figure, with the symbolism pertaining to the “represented trajectory”.

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