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Loxo Outreach™

Your outbound recruiting just became 500% more efficient

90% of Outbound Recruiting is spent either sourcing or on candidate engagement. Let that sink in. With Loxo Outreach™ you can put your candidate engagement on autopilot so you can focus on sourcing.

And now with Loxo Outreach™ GPT, you can unlock deeper candidate engagement than you knew possible as it crafts campaigns specific to the job, hiring company, and candidate.

Automate Outbound Recruiting, prospecting efforts, and manual follow up.

Loxo Outreach™ allows recruiters to automate all activities which previously had to be completed one at a time. Improve the performance of your initial prospecting efforts and automate every follow up message. See your results get better every month in the report dashboard.

Outreach + ChatGPT

Omni-channel campaigns just got a lot smarter with Loxo Outreach™ GPT

Loxo Outreach™ combines the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT along with Loxo's own proprietary AI and Knowledge Graph to deliver an unparalleled recruiting experience.

Loxo Outreach™ GPT assists you in crafting compelling messages tailored to the job, hiring company, and candidate, ensuring a higher response rate and deeper candidate engagement.

All of this with the click of one button.


Save $2,000 -$10,000 per recruiter annually

Why pay for a third-party tool to send outreach? They don’t offer anything that Loxo doesn’t already have, yet Loxo offers an industry leading ATS and best-in-class Recruiting CRM.

You can drastically reduce your subscription costs if you have other sourcing, contact info finding, and Outbound recruiting tools. With Loxo everything you need is included all-in-one Talent Intelligence Platform.


Automate candidate and business development campaigns

Persistence pays off. Drop candidates and prospects into multichannel sequences and automate every follow up message. Loxo Outreach™ continually follows up, so that you don’t have to.


Get 5x more replies without lifting a finger

Sending one message to passive candidate’s won’t cut it. Loxo’s multi-channel campaigns include emails, SMS texts, voice calls, and InMails, all in one place. Loxo provides contact information, making it easier and faster to get candidate replies when you need it.

Talent Intelligence

Send perfect messaging with metrics to prove it

Use the best performing templates, and press the A/B button to automatically test out modified versions. View the top performing recruiters and campaigns in your team Dashboard and watch your reply rates and performance skyrocket.

All-in-one recruiting platform

Streamline your outreach workflow

Why pay for a third-party tool to send outreach? With the Talent Intelligence Platform, candidate outreach is built into your entire recruiting workflow.

Found the perfect prospect? Drop them into a personalized outreach sequence right in the Loxo platform and track their engagement—allowing you to quickly move candidates through your pipeline without switching between tools.

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How Loxo Outreach Works

  • Choose channels, # of follow-ups, and cadence
  • Use templated copy or write something new
  • Personalize it with names, titles, and custom fields to send in bulk or tailor it on the fly to each individual
  • Add candidates and hit send or setup workflow triggers in Loxo CRM to automate it entirely
  • If no reply, a follow-up is automatically sent
  • When they reply, candidates are auto removed from the sequence and smart workflow actions take over in the Loxo CRM

Outreach features you need

LinkedIn™ inMailing made easy

Send InMails on auto-pilot without needing to remember to do it or doing it manually.

SMS Text Messaging

SMS texting is the best way to get replies from the majority of candidates now.


You can fully automate personalization or you can individually tailor templates in seconds.

CRM Workflow Triggers

Add candidates to a campaign and allow Loxo CRM workflow automation to handle the rest.

Chrome Extension

Personalize templates in seconds, send inMails, view notes, find contact information and more.


Use our pre-built campaign templates or build and save your own.

Voice calling

Build voice calling into your campaign sequences, to blow performance through the roof

Send 1:1 or Bulk Outreach

Large candidate pool? Send outreach in bulk. Doing low-volume executive search? Send custom 1:1 outreach.

Email & Calendar Sync

Every message and activity is automatically logged in the Loxo CRM so all historical activity is available

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