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Selecting the Right ATS Software for Active Recruiting

Recruiting is an incredibly competitive industry. Everyone is fishing from the same talent pool, and the race to get in front of the most qualified candidates can be cutthroat and strenuous. Any tools or solutions that can give you an upper hand are essential in getting to your top candidates before your competition. With the right ATS software in place, you can start actively recruiting through passive automation. By doing this, you can ensure you are getting in front of the best talent at a fraction of the time and resources. This, in essence, is the importance of advanced ATS software. It can be the difference between the perfect talent match and a mediocre hire.

The differences between active and passive recruiting:

The term “active recruiting” refers to when recruiters actively seek out the best talent and get them to apply for open positions through outreach and marketing initiatives. It is not simply posting on job boards and praying for the best candidate to apply. That is “passive recruiting” and is a thing of the past. Active recruiting is how to win in this day and age and involves getting in front of the best talent before the competition. 

While passive recruiting is becoming more and more ineffective in finding the right talent, recruiters still like this style as it is easier and less manual. However, that is no longer the case. With the right ATS software, you can now actively recruit the best talent available through passive automation. This saves significant time and resources on your end so that you can focus on what matters most: ensuring the perfect talent match.

Why is active recruiting better than passive recruiting?

Seventy percent of all recruits are passive candidates. Meaning, if you aren’t actively looking for these candidates, you won’t find them. These candidates are not currently looking for new opportunities and have not applied to any open positions. So if you are just passively recruiting those who apply to your open positions, you may miss out on the perfect candidate for that role you are looking to fill. By relying solely on passive recruitment methods, you will be losing:

● Control: You have more control over your hiring process. Active Recruiting allows you to spearhead the perfect person and build talent pools of qualified candidates to contact quickly.

 Accuracy: Through active recruiting, you have a 270% better chance of finding a perfect candidate as you will no longer be waiting for the right person to apply.

● Time: Time is money. Instead of wasting your time going through resumes and waiting for the right person to come across your job posting, you can be actively targeting precisely the candidate you want and getting them to apply.

● Talent: Most of the A+ talent is already working. If you want the best possible candidates for your position, you will have to widen your reach to those who may already be employed. 

How the right ATS software can help:

Loxo’s ATS software can help you engage top prospects that are not actively looking for new positions while also managing those already within your database. Having a strong ATS enables you to organize your candidates ahead of time and decide when to engage them through automated outreach. You will be the one to initiate the outreach, whether that is by phone, text, or e-mail. However, once initiated, this outreach will be on autopilot, and you will only be notified once the candidate responds or applies. You can manage your candidate database, organize your resumes, and find candidates that might have gone through the process of being placed without success. A strong ATS enables you to find candidates quickly within your database to build a shortlist of qualified candidates for any job you are looking to full. 

Most importantly, all this information is centralized under one roof. This leaves no chance of choice candidates slipping through the cracks. You have complete control over your search.

The decline of job boards:

The use of generalist job boards is declining. If you need proof of this, you need to look no further than the rapid decline of Monster’s stock. Job boards force potential candidates to answer questions that do not give a full picture of their skillset. Only a small percentage of candidates upload their CV or resume to the board, as they feel they’ve already had their information processed, leaving you with inadequate information.

Niche job boards are a little better, but there are hundreds. How much of your time do you want to spend staring at niche job boards hoping to find the right candidate? You’ll have more luck actively reaching out to the candidate you wish than waiting for them to come to you.

Loxo ATS software is the best tool to engage passive candidates actively. The perfect candidate won’t just pop into your lap – you have to go out and get them! It will give you an upper hand over your competition as you actively search for the right person for the job. For more information on how we can help you make a perfect talent match every time, click here.

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