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Artificial Intelligence and Talent Acquisition

In today’s recruiting climate, it shouldn’t be a question of whether to utilize AI talent acquisition practices but when to utilize them and it to what extent. 

As data becomes more accessible, more platforms adjust to AI, and the need to expand continues to grow, its incumbent on any recruiting firm to adapt to the changes of AI to keep ahead of the competition. 

When it comes to talent acquisition, there’s more than one way that AI has proven useful. While the benefits of cutting time-consuming tasks are valuable, AI applications can do far more than simply streamline tedious operations. 

Here are some of the benefits of artificial intelligence and talent acquisition

Why is AI Talent Acquisition Important?

For any HR team, the challenge of talent acquisition is twofold. In one sense, you want to fill the spots that are needed for your clients, and you want to do so in a timely manner. On the other hand, you need to ensure you provide top talent and qualified candidates so your clients are satisfied with their new hires. 

Against a competitor who’s using AI talent acquisition practices to their best ability, it’s hard to stay competitive if you aren’t utilizing the same tools of automation. As the advent of technology and AI continues to expand, clients are going to start expecting their recruiters and HR teams to refer to sophisticated AI in order to find the best talent out there. 

Increase Efficiency with AI Talent Acquisition 

The most obvious benefit with artificial intelligence and talent acquisition, like most things with automation, is the boost in time and efficiency. 

With AI sourcing, the resume and screening process becomes as simple as a few clicks. While your recruiting team is focused on improving the candidate experience, sending personal emails, and scheduling meetings–all things that have a human touch to them–your powerful AI will be referring to hundreds of databases to create a list of top talent for you to reach out to for interviews.

If you’re using a powerful AI system, you should see improvements in time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, time-to-fill, and other key metrics. 

Artificial Intelligence Talent Acquisition: Removing Bias

While most companies consider themselves free of bias, there’s really no escaping the unconscious bias that all humans carry with them. And the numbers show that a lack of diversity in the workplace is more than just a nice thing to have; it’s directly correlated to success. According to Forbes, diverse executive teams are 33% more profitable than their non-diverse counterparts. 

This has less to do with the efficacy of diverse backgrounds being stronger in the workplace and more to do with a hiring team being open to and taking advantage of top talent, regardless of their background. 

Unconscious bias in recruiting isn’t simply about race, gender, or nationality, either. Issues of education bias arise if a candidate went to the same university as you or someone close to you. Additional forms of bias come in affinity bias, past performance bias, and beauty bias, among others. 

This is where AI talent acquisition comes in. When screening or evaluating the efficacy of a candidate, sophisticated AI will look only at the concrete metrics of their work experience, skills, and education to make an objective qualitative assessment of their capabilities in the workplace. 

There’s no way to ensure you’re removing subconscious bias completely unless you integrate AI talent acquisition technology. 

Artificial Intelligence and Candidate Experience

Artificial intelligence introduces recruiters to a completely new method of improving the candidate experience. While it may seem unlikely that automation, a non-human thing, can improve candidate experience, there are actually a number of practical ways that automation is making things easier on candidates.

Automated chat boxes are a cost-effective and efficient way to answer questions to large numbers of visitors to your website. Finding a job is often a stressful and anxious time, and candidates will surely have questions along the various steps in their hiring journey. An automated chat box with instant answers will set their nerves at ease and provide them with the valuable information they’re seeking. 

Faster response times, greater matchability, and improved communication are just a few ways you can bolster candidate experience with AI talent acquisition.

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