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HR teams are an integral part of any business and ultimately decide, based on their hiring methods, the future of the company’s workforce. Part of what makes HR so important and difficult are the number of tedious, time-consuming tasks and procedures that come with the hiring process.

Recruiting automation and artificial intelligence is paving the way for a new age of recruitment where HR managers can streamline and simplify their workflow, eliminate tedious steps in the recruitment process, and focus on the important, human tasks that define the future of a company. 

Below are some HR automation ideas your company needs to use today. 

HR Automation Ideas for Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Whether you’re onboarding or offboarding employees or future candidates, features in automation have helped HR teams eliminate repetitive tasks related to formal documentary procedures. Because the process of onboarding requires a significant amount of paperwork, digitizing the documentation process and utilizing automation will make it easier to integrate new employees and manage their information.

Some onboarding and offboarding steps that can be simplified via automation include the application process, contract signing, distribution of important documents, and relevant timetables.  

HR Automation Ideas for Screening and Sourcing

When it comes to both screening and sourcing candidates, automation has made some significant improvements in its efficacy to acquire top talent at faster rates and with smarter means. 

When screening resumes, HR teams can rely on machine learning features that will identify commonalities among previously successful candidates. With machine learning capabilities, you don’t have to worry as much about having top talent slip through the cracks. Artificial intelligence’s ability to rely on keywords, important traits, and machine learning will allow you to sift through thousands of resumes at incredible rates. 

With sourcing, it’s pretty much the same deal. Instead of spending hours trying to source a dozen candidates, you can rely on sourcing technology to access more talent pools at faster rates and in short time. 

On top of this, you’re going to be eliminating biases that are simply unavoidable with human interaction. Biases come in many shapes and forms, and by relying on objective, merit-based traits and characteristics, things like names, familiar hometowns or universities, gender, and ethnicity won’t have the subconscious effect that does it on human HR members. 

HR Automation Ideas for Employee Analytics

Automation can expand your capacity for employee analytics and provide HR teams with valuable insights from organized data sets. Intelligent software solutions can provide employee reports and insights at a moment’s notice, improving your employee experience by eliminating prolonged annual reports. 

A CRM will help you organize this data so that you can keep up with deadlines, client and candidate needs, and contact information for all the important people you need to reach in the recruitment process. 

Consistently updated performance reviews, deadline notifications, and important data analytics to help you understand which candidates to focus on will help bolster your HR team’s long-term strategies and make the information your employees want to see more accessible.  

HR Automation Ideas for Communication and Meetings

Scheduling meetings has come a long way with the help of automation. Under a comprehensive software, the schedules of all relevant employees can be included in the computer’s diagnostics. Instead of sending a group email and trying to identify times that work best for all your leaders, automated scheduling will evaluate the best time to set a meeting based on the schedules inputted into its system, leaving you with several options to choose from. This becomes especially useful when you have team members who are out of the office and working on-site. 

You can extend the meeting to individuals within departments, companies, or even third-parties overseas. Automated scheduled meetings will provide you with the scope and flexibility to connect with more employees and leaders with more convenience.

HR teams deal with a lot of paperwork, lengthy processes, and communication demands that eat away at their busy work schedules. These automation ideas, among others, will help simplify those processes and allow you to get to work on other important tasks in the recruiting process.

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