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Best-in-class AI Based Recruitment and Hiring Tools

One of the biggest challenges with the advent of technology and AI based recruitment is not necessarily finding quality hires, but finding quality hires at increasingly faster rates. 

Whether you’re an inhouse recruiting department or a third-party partner, hiring managers are expected to provide quality candidates within days if not hours of the initial request. This puts an enormous weight on hiring teams and creates an environment difficult for recruiters to survive in if they’re not utilizing AI hiring tools.

What recruiters need is a reliable, modern, and sophisticated AI partner to help them accrue top talent quickly. Loxo’s proprietary technology introduces the world’s first intelligent sourcing assistant, state-of-the-art hiring functions, a powerful CRM+ATS, advanced job sharing opportunities, and other innovative recruitment tools. 

Below is a list of Loxo’s AI based recruitment functions and hiring tools, showing why is Loxo is the most advanced and modern hiring partner in today’s recruiting world. 

AI Hiring Tools and Sourcing

Sourcing is frequently underscored as one of today’s key hiring steps because it’s something that hiring teams can adequately control and present to their clients.

Tim Sackett, an HR/recruitment talent professional and blogger, sees recruiters putting the most effort into improving how fast they acquire talent. 

While he believes that both a high quality and quantity of candidates can be achieved, he also acknowledges that to achieve both “takes a really great process, supported by great tech, supported by high expectations and performance management.” 

This is where Loxo comes in. Loxo’s AI sourcing allows you to create high-quality talent pools. The three-step process is simple: you submit a description of the role and skills you’re looking for, certify your order, and 24 hours later Loxo will send you an email with approximately 50 high quality candidates.

Loxo’s AI sourcing capabilities remove 90% of the time spent by sourcing manually and recommends only the top candidates across hundreds of databases. With the help of Loxo’s advanced automation, you can cut costs from maintaining ineffective sourcing teams and reach top talent quicker than ever.

AI Based Recruitment Marketing

Loxo has several automated marketing features to help you reach candidates in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Below are some of the ways you can utilize Loxo’s marketing AI hiring tools.


Loxo’s ATS+CRM AI Hiring Tools

Integrating AI hiring tools will not only create faster and better quality hires, they will make your life easier. 

Loxo’s CRM technology will remove the need for you to scour the internet for candidates’ contact information. With Loxo Connect, our technology will find professional phone numbers and emails for you, culling together a list while you’re busy with other important tasks. 

Additionally, finding sourced candidates will also become as simple as a click with Loxo’s state-of-the-art ATS. Our smart-grid search tool allows you to instantly find candidates and contacts that you’ve already sourced into your ATS.

Loxo’s advanced CRM will help you retain valuable data, access contact information, simplify your workflow, and maximize productivity. 

As a generational and technological transformation continues to develop, it’s up to hiring teams to make the switch to the best hiring tools and recruiting AI technology.

Loxo is dedicated to providing the best and most modern hiring tools and recruiting functions out there. Connect with the most effective recruiting technology out there; connect with Loxo today.

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