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Artificial Intelligence ATS: The Latest Innovation in Recruiting

Applicant Tracking Systems have been around for almost three decades and are an integral part of any recruitment process. The innovations they offered to recruiters when they first appeared were industry-changing and have had a lasting effect on the industry.

Today, we are seeing another innovative period in the industry of recruiting: artificial intelligence and automation. AI has made it easier to connect with candidates, organize data, and streamline key metrics, taking the pressure off of recruiters by eliminating tedious steps in the recruiting process. 

So what does this mean for the efficacy of applicant tracking systems?

What Does an AI Powered ATS Look Like?

While ATS software has been used for decades in order to organize, track, and update information on candidates, artificial intelligence has helped to automate and streamline several of these steps. 

Here are some of the ways that AI has improved ATS capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence ATS: Resume Parsing

While resume parsing has been a part of the ATS recruiting strategy for a while now, AI has transformed the way your ATS will rank and organize candidates.

Traditionally, an ATS will hone in on certain keywords in a resume to provide you with a list of candidates that fit your search inquiry. This is an overly simplistic and unintelligent approach to ranking that lets countless quality candidates slip through the cracks. Instead of only relying on specific keywords that candidates may or may not include in their resumes, an AI-powered ATS will rely on a more comprehensive and intelligent algorithm.

Intelligent ATS software asks for more information on your side, providing your system with several key concepts to help influence its ranking decision. Additionally, a smart ATS can evaluate thousands of previously successful candidates and identify key features of their resumes that overlap, allowing it to refer to various methods of ranking to find possible top talent that gets overlooked by keyword searches. 

Artificial Intelligence ATS: Communication

AI has made automated messaging and chatbots more human, and this aspect will continue to improve at an accelerating pace into the future. This, of course, helps take time off of recruiters’ busy schedules, but it also improves candidate experience because the messaging will feel more human and personal. 

Additionally, most smart ATS software is now working in conjunction with Customer Management Relations. The combined data of a CRM and ATS will help bring client data, candidate data, and the history of your communication points into an all-in-one, easy-to-use platform. This will make scheduling interviews and evaluating the needs of both clients and candidates easier to manage. 

Artificial Intelligence ATS: Automated Sourcing

Automated candidate sourcing, like with resume parsing, has become smarter and more efficient with the help of AI. AI is helping inform systems on how to track, rank, and objectively match candidates with potential job openings. Automated sourcing eliminates bias from the sourcing process and relies on comprehensive ranking metrics that, like a smart resume screening software, identifies trends in successful sourcing procedures. 

On top of being more accurate, AI makes sourcing easier and simpler than ever before. Instead of spending several hours to come up with ten or so viable candidates, sourcing technology will automatically unearth dozens of top talent over the course of a day. All recruiters have to do is let the AI know what you’re looking for, and the software handles the rest. 

Artificial Intelligence ATS: Smarter Tracking

Because your CRM and ATS will be compiled into one location, tracking candidates through every step on the recruiting process will become easier and more efficient. Updates on job postings as well as candidate progress will be made in unison, providing you with relevant information on changes in job openings and availability. 

Powerful analytics, smart data collection, and perennial updates on your key deadlines and dates are all more readily available to you with AI tracking features. 

When it comes to benefiting from recruiting AI’s most recent innovation, you want to make sure that you have the very best intelligent ATS software. Loxo AI is dedicated to helping you find the very best talent for even the most difficult matches. Our comprehensive CRM, sourcing capabilities, and intelligent features will bring you top hires like never before. 

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