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Best Practices

046: The Reality of AI Recruiting ft. Matt Chambers

November 21, 2023

matt chambers
sam kuenhle

What’s the reality of AI in recruiting? How does this buzzword *really* fit into your daily routine as a recruiter?

Matt Chambers joins us for a Mic Drop episode to explain his POV, debunk misconceptions, and explore the different use cases of AI in the recruiting industry.

From generative AI to automated sourcing, we uncover the possibilities and discuss how recruiters can prepare themselves for the future.


00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:21 – Exploring AI’s Role in Recruiting: Unveiling Its Impact and Origins
05:26 – The Rise of HR Tech Giants: Y Combinator and Its Influence on Recruiting
11:18 – Preparing Recruiters for the AI-Powered Future
14:37 – Practical AI Applications for Recruiters: Current Use Cases
22:35 – Understanding Knowledge Graphs: The Foundation of Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment
27:00 – Podcast Farewell


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