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The Talent Intelligence Platform

Reduce time-to-hire by 85%, cut costs 74% and find higher-quality talent while managing your entire recruiting lifecycle in one system.

Talent Intelligence Platform

Why Switch to Loxo?

An ATS by itself is not enough. An ATS was designed to manage Inbound Recruiting, but screening inbound applicants is not recruiting.

Outbound Recruiting and Sourcing tools claim to be a CRM, but lack 90% of functionality that both in-house and agencies require in a Recruiting CRM.

Loxo offers the only enterprise-grade CRM that provides all the DATA, updates automatically and integrates artificial intelligence.

Contact Data

The recruiting process is clunky and broken

Beautiful things happen when recruiters can source, nurture, and manage everything they need to do on a daily basis in one system.

The Old Way

The New Way

Source top talent

The world’s largest talent directory, at your fingertips

Search our industry-leading database of 1.2 billion professional and social profiles with hyper-specific filters to find perfect-fit candidates faster than ever. Add in AI-ranking, real-time updates to your entire database, an intuitive UI, and more — and you’re on your way to building a pipeline of qualified candidates faster than ever before.

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Connect with candidates

Access verified email, phone, and social profiles — just like that

Once you build your pipeline, bypass inMail and get in touch with candidates via our database of over 800 million verified emails & mobile numbers. The most accurate and reliable personal contact information on the market, thanks to Loxo’s advanced machine-learning algorithms and proprietary data solutions.

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Build outreach campaigns

Automate outbound recruiting to become 5x more efficient

What good is having candidate contact info if you can’t get a response? Easily drop candidates into pre-built, custom, multichannel sequences to reduce repetitive work and keep prospects engaged via SMS, call, and email.

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Applicant Tracking System

A bird’s eye view of your entire talent pool

View all candidates across every stage and every job on one single page, so that you always have a high-level view of everything in motion. Loxo’s user interface and product design are unrivaled in the ATS marketplace — designed to make it as easy as possible for you to move candidates through stages and fill seats.

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Recruiting CRM

Become a more proactive (and productive) recruiter overnight

Loxo’s Recruiting CRM is the most user-friendly and advanced in the marketplace. Use it to build talent pipelines, nurture prospects, take notes, view communication history & team activities, manage your workflow, run reports to identify performance improvement opportunities, and more.

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AI-enhanced (before it was cool)

AI that grows smarter with every search

With your entire recruiting lifecycle in one system, Loxo’s AI is able to learn hiring preferences, suggest best-match candidates, and automate tasks so that you’re always surfacing the best talent and nothing can slip through the cracks.

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Sales CRM

Grow your business with the only Sales CRM built for recruiters

Bring business development and customer relationship management into the same platform where you conduct the rest of your workflow — to win more business, forecast pipeline, and nurture prospects.

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125,000+ recruiters across the globe love using Loxo

From executive search to high-volume recruiting, staffing agencies to high-growth companies use Loxo to manage the end-to-end recruitment life cycle with record breaking performance.

“I ran 72 candidates from my search through Loxo Connect™ and was blown away by how many emails Loxo found. Saved me so much time.”

Julia Adler

Sr. Sourcer & Marketing Lead

Verified customer

“When we onboard a new member, we always have to pick their jaw up off the floor once they see Loxo.”

Rob Thomas

Partner Executive Search Firm

Verified customer

“Loxo has the most incredible customer service I've ever encountered. This is a highly flexible team that evolves their product as the industry changes.”

Anthony Maggio

Three Pillars Recruiting

Verified customer

“I invest hundreds of hours researching recruiting tech and I selected Loxo for my own organization. Loxo is absolutely light years ahead.”

Tim Sackett

Top 10 Global HR Influencer

Verified customer

I've been in the product for 90 days and I'm just blown away. ATS/CRM is super nice to source through. Loxo Source is incredible for advanced Booleans and the database is rad around 500m+ people."

Will Spengler

Owner at Frederick Fox

Verified customer

“My advice is: Jump on board now, before your competitors or it’s too late to get on. You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t.”

David Stephen Patterson

President of the Kineta Group

Verified customer

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