Loxo Outreach™ GPT

Make low open rates and even lower response rates a thing of the past. Unlock deeper candidate engagement than you knew possible as Loxo Outreach™ GPT crafts campaigns for you specific to the job, hiring company, and candidate.

Trusted by 13,200+ recruiting organizations

Omni-channel campaigns just got a lot smarter with Loxo Outreach™ GPT

When you combine the advanced capabilities of a Large Language Model (LLM) like ChatGPT with Loxo's own proprietary AI and Knowledge Graph, the result is an unparalleled recruiting experience.

Loxo Outreach™ GPT assists you in crafting compelling messages tailored to the job, hiring company, and candidate, ensuring a higher response rate and deeper candidate engagement. All of this with the click of one button.

How it Works

Talent Advocates unlocks 4.5x more candidate conversations with
Loxo Outreach™ GPT

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We prefer to let our customers’ success do the talking. Here’s a quick preview of the results that Riley Newell saw after using Loxo Outreach™ GPT on a hard-to-place job he was working:

  • 137 prospects emailed
  • 66% open rate (3x higher than the industry benchmark of 21%)
  • 39% response rate (4.5x higher than the industry benchmark of 8.5%)
  • 10 exceptional candidates screened
  • 4 candidates presented to the client

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