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We’ve all been there. You get a call from your parent, and they need your help troubleshooting technology. I have gotten this one a few times: “How do I post on The Facebook?” Time to cue my inevitable eye roll. If we don’t go to our parents for technology recommendations and tips…

Why are you using the same recruitment tool as the industry dinosaur?

I have worked for Fortune 200s, SMBs, and startups, and let me tell you something. While those big companies may seem aspirational to outsiders, they are slow, so slow, at adopting new technology.

Let’s think of it this way. If you need a ride, would you rather use: a taxi or an Uber? The same analogy applies to your recruitment ATS. If you’re still using a recruitment platform built decades ago, this is your wake-up call.

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Legacy ATS are becoming a hindrance to the recruiting process.

Legacy ATS users are quickly growing frustrated with their platform.

At least 5 times a day, I eavesdrop on conversations Loxo Founder and CEO, Matt Chambers, has with executive search and staffing firms. You know what I hear?

To summarize, your legacy ATS is not being used. It doesn’t perform basic tasks well. And, it doesn’t have advanced innovations to help your team do more faster.

Say what? You can’t be serious. You’re paying all this money, and nobody on your team is using your ATS.

The truth is legacy ATS weren’t built for modern recruiting. They were built twenty, thirty, or even forty years ago primarily for storing resumes, meeting compliance, and tracking basic processes. Since then, those legacy ATS have only made minor improvements to their original database.

In an attempt to keep up with growing competition, they now offer integrations. But just know, it’s going to cost you. Worst of all, these add-ons aren’t technology innovations built by the ATS company. They are built by a third party which adds complexity and layers that you no longer need, making the technology even more clunky and inefficient. These band-aid fixes aren’t enough.

Stop playing by someone else’s rules and using legacy technology that wasn’t built for you.

There’s a reason new technologies are consistently beating out legacy tools. It’s because they deliver on one simple premise, making the experience more convenient for the customer.

If your team is not using your system or won’t enter data, your ATS is no longer an asset to your business. It’s now a hindrance to your process. Lucky for you, times have changed. Finally, there is an alternative on the market that is superior in every way.

To summarize one my favorite books of all time, David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell, there’s one trait all prevailing newcomers have in common. They don’t play by the rules. They rewrite them. Think about it.

There’s David vs. Goliath, the Giants vs. the Patriots, Amazon vs. Barnes & Nobles, Netflix vs. Blockbuster, and now there’s Loxo.

LOXO WAS BUILT FOR YOU. Loxo is the industry’s first intelligent, deceptively simple, all-in-one recruitment platform built for executive search and staffing firms.

With the influx of new technologies, recruiting should be getting simpler. Instead, recruiters are spending more time and money bouncing between different systems, using dozens of tools to support the recruitment process from source to close as well as streamline sales. It’s not only getting more complicated, it’s getting more costly.

Loxo is different from legacy recruitment platforms. We’re not building you another recruitment ATS. It’s not what you need, and there are hundreds of other tools that do exactly and only that. We built our platform to bring a competitive advantage to third party search firms.

In addition to offering both a recruitment ATS and CRM, here’s a quick overview at some of our users’ favorite features.

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You shouldn’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. Loxo has a free version that includes most of the functionality mentioned above. For absolutely no risk, you can explore the Loxo platform and see why thousands of recruiters have already made the switch from their outdated legacy recruitment platforms.

Loxo Blog
Legacy ATS are becoming a hindrance to the recruiting process.

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