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Recruiting Strategy

100: [LIVE EPISODE] State of Recruitment in 2024 ft. Louise Archer, Tim Sackett, and Matt Chambers

June 11, 2024

louise archer
matt new

100 EPISODES! Holy cow. That’s 100 episodes of tactical tips, trending topics, mic drops, interviews with industry leaders, and more. It’s been a blast (or a BAHM!) so far — and we’re just getting started.

To celebrate our 100th episode, we brought on two former guests and Loxo’s Founder & CEO to share their wisdom. Louise Archer, Tim Sackett, and Matt Chambers all chime in on topics like AI’s impact on recruitment, business development for recruiters, making the shift from contingent to retained search, and more. There’s also a Q&A at the end, where we dive into listener questions. In short: we cover a lot of bases in this hour-long episode. You’re probably going to want to have a listen.



00:00 – Meet Our Guests: Celebrating 100 Episodes
06:00 – The Impact of Workflow Management on Recruitment
10:10 – Embracing Change: Breaking Down Barriers
21:06 – Business Development Strategies for Recruiters
33:39 – Practical AI Cases in the Recruitment Industry
45:18 – Listener Q&A
56:07 – Closing Thoughts and Farewell from Our Guests

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