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Be a Sourcing Superhero with Loxo AI™

Some pretty exciting things have been happening in the background at Loxo lately, and we’re finally ready to share the news. We just released the newest version of Loxo AI™.

Loxo AI™ sources the top candidates for your open roles.

Aside from recruitment marketing and candidate experience, ‘artificial intelligence’ is the new buzzword in the recruiting space. While there are a lot of new products touting the benefits of machine learning, very few deliver and even less solve the major pains that plague recruiters.

Loxo is different. Loxo was founded with the vision to help people reach their greatest potential. At the core of our vision is the mission to be the leading solution to help identify the best possible job match. The first step was to build a world-class ATS + CRM to support recruiters through every stage of their process. While we’re proud of what we built and will continue to improve our core product, we’re ready for the next phase of our journey — Loxo AI™.

Why AI?

The reality is the recruiting landscape is rapidly changing. The emergence of new technologies and social platforms as well as changes in candidate behaviors has dictated that hiring companies as well as third-party recruiters find new and more creative ways to attract talent.

The problem is the same technology that promised to simplify recruiting and make it easier to identify the best candidates has increased hiring timelines and added more complexity and cost to the recruiting process.

Job boards are becoming more ineffective each day with over and under-qualified candidates applying to them in droves. There are more resume databases, social media platforms, and third-party sites to source candidates from than ever before. And, recruitment ATS/CRM are bloated with inaccurate and outdated candidate data.

Traditional methods of identifying talent are becoming burdensome. We’re suffering from information paralysis, and recruiters are spending more time than ever looking for the proverbial purple squirrel in a sea of unqualified candidates.

Sourcing can and should be simplified.

What if instead of spending hours manually combing through resumes, crafting the perfectly tailored job description, or tweaking Boolean strings, you could have a list of the best possible candidates for your open role? What if in addition to that list you also had their contact information, resume, and links to their social profiles? What if all you had to do was engage, sell your opportunity, and place them in your role? And, what if you could do that in a fraction of the time than you could now?

Would you believe me if I told you that was not only a possibility but a reality? If I were you, I probably wouldn’t either, but I think it’s time I introduce you to someone.

It’s time you meet Loxo AI™.

Loxo AI™ is a recruiter’s best friend and your very own personal sourcing assistant. With Loxo AI™, everything mentioned above is a reality. Anyone responsible for hiring talent can easily use Loxo AI™ to source candidates. It’s pretty simple too. All you need to do is:

  1. Go to https://loxo.co/products/recruiting-ai/
  2. Complete a simple form by providing pertinent information about your open role
  3. Press submit

That’s it! Loxo AI™ takes care of the rest and will search over 250 online data sites including 350 million online profiles, job boards, resume repositories, and the deep web. Loxo will automatically find the very best matches for your position and alert you once it’s done sourcing your candidates.

After Loxo AI™ returns your results, Loxo Connect™ will then begin searching for the candidates’ contact information and return it to the contact profile, if the information is available.

All that is left to do is what you do best. Simply review, choose who you want to contact, and move them along your job pipeline.

Sounds great, but…

If you’re still not convinced, can I ask you something? What do you have to lose? For less than the cost of a single LinkedIn job posting, you could have a list of approximately the top 50 best possible candidates for your open role ready and waiting to be contacted. This means you no longer have to:

Best of all, you will have more time to build highly personalized candidate experiences and forge strong relationships that are needed to land these top candidates.

Try it today, and let Loxo AI™ find your next hire.

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