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064: Trending Topics – Gen-Z and the Future of Recruitment ft. Lex Winship

February 1, 2024

sam kuenhle
lex winship

In this episode, Sam and Lex discuss the growing generation gap in the workforce — particularly with the rise of Gen-Z. Key topics include changing ideologies and expectations around: employee loyalty, mentorship, salary, internal mobility, diversity and inclusion, and strategic outreach.

One common thread throughout the conversation is the importance of building trust and authentic relationships with candidates — through communication styles (for example: erring on the side of being mobile-friendly in both your job postings and your outreach) and in interviews themselves.

Listen to the episode to hear practical tips on outreach, personalization at scale, data integrity, and more. Successful recruiting in the future will be found at the intersection of technology and empathy — and this episode will equip you with the knowledge necessary to bridge the generational divide and come out on top!

We mention an ad for Australian Lamb in this episode — you can check that out here: https://youtu.be/V1e0apyGASc

Enjoy this episode?
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00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:20 – Workforce Evolution: Gen-Z and the Recruiter’s Challenge
02:59 – Recruiting Strategies for a Multigenerational Workforce
05:49 – Nurturing Mentorship in Recruitment
07:12 – Loyalty vs. Movement: Deciphering Employee Priorities
15:04 – Building Bonds: Personalization Tips for Recruiters
16:21 – Navigating Salary Talks with Gen Z
22:23 – Learning and Growing. Internal Mobility and Development Opportunities
27:40 – Seizing Opportunities: Strategies for Job Switchers
31:32 – Strategies for Diversity and Equity
35:27 – Mastering Outreach to Gen Z Candidates
39:19 – Transparent Job Opportunities: Boosting Retention
47:33 – Departing Thoughts: Wrapping Up the Generational Dialogue

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