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Recruiting Strategy

074: Trending Topics – What Does “Finding Bigfoot” Really Mean? ft. Lex Winship

March 7, 2024

sam kuenhle
lex winship

Loxo recently launched a “Finding Bigfoot” campaign — in which we used the elusive characters of Bigfoot and an alien to represent hard-to-find candidates.

In this episode, Sam and Lex break that concept down a bit by discussing the realities of hiring today. They explore the concept of a Bigfoot candidate and the importance of understanding the skills and expectations required for a role — while also highlighting the difficulties in finding and attracting top talent.

The episode emphasizes the need for recruiters to adopt a role as talent advisors and strategic partners to hiring teams — so they can align talent acquisition efforts with leadership priorities. The conversation also explores the value of thinking creatively in hiring and considering skills that transfer across industries.

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00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:19 – Exploring Transferable Skills and Hiring Realities
04:40 – Hunting Bigfoot: The Quest for Rare Talent in Hiring
08:55 – Beyond Technical: The Importance of Soft Skills in Hiring
12:57 – The State of Talent Acquisition
18:29 – Empowering Recruiters as Partners in Success
25:53 – Aligning Recruitment with Organizational Priorities
31:00 – Maximizing Quality Candidates through Approaches
33:48 – Creative Placement Strategies for Transferable Skills
42:30 – Final Thoughts and Farewell

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