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Time is a precious resource, especially in the recruitment space. You have to have a tech stack held together by integrations to save time nowadays. What if that didn’t have to be the case with recruiting software? What if you could get all the functionality you need for your everyday efforts under one roof, helping you save time and money overall? 

Loxo is a one-stop shop that combines a CRM, ATS, and an automated outreach tool. Plus, there’s also an AI sourcing tool and contact information finder built in! Our software is the closest you’ll get to HR tech perfection. This article will learn how a recruiting software like Loxo can save you time and enhance efficiency. 

Source Contact Details with Ease

Sourcing applications manually in a candidate’s market is challenging and time-consuming. You can waste whole days manually scrolling profiles on LinkedIn or going through hundreds of submitted resumes.

That’s one of the first signs you need a new ATS. Loxo’s proprietary search engine provides an invaluable talent map. The system allows you to source candidates seamlessly within your database, but it also allows you to find and pull candidates in from our database. Each profile has about 120 different data sources, complete with personal contact information. 

With Loxo, you will have around a billion candidates at your fingertips with powerful AI sourcing and deep machine learning capabilities to cut the time it takes to make a placement in half!

Automate Your Recruitment Workflows to Increase Efficiency

Loxo’s multichannel outreach platform is fully automated to ensure you and your team stay on top of daily tasks. Our AI for recruitment allows you to build out email, phone, and LinkedIn tasks in advance to ensure maximum efficiency. 

Creating drip campaigns and bulk emails have never been easier. Our recruiting software puts your recruitment CRM on autopilot by personalizing sequences and follow-ups through unique email and automation triggers.

Nurture Your Client and Candidate Relationships

Loxo’s CRM capabilities allow you to build an adequate pre-hire talent pool. You can keep track of candidates in the pre-hire process before bringing them to the ATS and recruitment pipelines. Developing talent pools for specific skills and roles is a serious time saver.

Nurturing prospect and candidate relationships is one of the most time-intensive aspects of the hiring process. 

It requires that you source clients and then maintain contact to stay top of mind. Loxo’s CRM gives you access to AI-driven sourcing and ranking software in around a Billion people database. You can schedule calls, messages, and emails to keep tabs on prospects and candidates. 

Loxo also gives you the ability to track your prospect and talent engagement. It keeps track of previous emails, phone calls, and outreach, enabling you to see where your relationship stands and pick up the conversation you left off. 

Building Recruitment Pipelines Has Never Been Easier

Loxo allows you to build an effective recruitment pipeline. You can create jobs, add candidates, and view their status in our kanban view – drag and drop them into a new stage or send a bulk message to everyone in that stage of the interview process.  

You may be in the market for a developer who knows Ruby and Java but is not a DevOps engineer, lives in Denver but not Boulder, and has a current “senior” title. No problem. Use our dynamic filters to narrow the search or create a complete boolean string in our boolean builder. 

Loxo allows you to search for this candidate, flash their LinkedIn profile, and drop them into your recruitment pipeline. From this pipeline, they can receive automated outreach and email communication. 

This doesn’t only apply to prospective candidates; you can also keep track of engagement and position with existing candidates.

Get It All Done with a Chrome Extension

Loxo’s Chrome attachment brings all these features to your browser for automatic uploads. Say goodbye to manual data entry for these candidates.  

Loxo’s widget allows you to add top candidates to your database from the browser extension. Our recruiting software does the heavy lifting, including data mining, profile creation, and contact information enhancement. Our built-in VoIP functionality allows you to call any candidate right from the chrome extension. You can also seamlessly drop that candidate into an outreach campaign or a talent pool for a role you want to fill. 

How Loxo Gets It All Done

Our database spans over 100 data sources and encompasses over a billion records.  

Our data acquisition measures fall into three main categories. The first is publicly available information from profile sites like LinkedIn, Healthgrades, GitHub, Twitter, MeetUp, Google Scholar, etc. These are accessible via public search engines like Google.  

We have a dedicated team focused on testing, acquiring, enriching, and structuring publicly available datasets. 

The second category is through API-enrichment partnerships that clean, refresh and structure disparate data records into one rich contact record. Moreover, these partners ensure that those contact records are compliant with local data privacy laws.

Finally, we have established a network of trusted premium commercial data partners to handle data acquisition and compliance in markets with complex data privacy and regulations like GDPR.

Let Loxo Make this Year Better!

You deserved it if you were in HR and had an excellent first quarter. If you didn’t, there’s still a chance to improve as we head into Q2

One of the best ways to assure yourself of a better 2022 is by bringing AI, automation, and productivity to your HR department.

This starts with embracing Loxo. Reign in the capabilities of an all-in-one ATS, CRM, automated outreach, and talent sourcing. For more information on the best AI sourcing tool, contact us today.

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