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The next wave of AI has finally made its way to the world of recruitment. For decades, recruiters have been utilizing technology to organize, manage, and facilitate their routine tasks and daily needs. 

In the age of automation, recruiting AI software has been able to streamline each step in the hiring process, effectively facilitating key hiring metrics and providing recruiters with increased time and control. Recruitment automation is not only a benefit on the recruiting side, but it’s also made the process much quicker and simpler for candidates and clients. 

As the advent of automation and AI continue to expand in the recruiting world, it’s incumbent on any modern recruiting agency to utilize the new tools that automation presents to get an edge over the competition.

Recruiting AI for Screening and Sourcing

According to Readwrite, 52% of recruiting leaders said that screening a high volume of candidates was the most difficult aspect of the hiring process. Utilizing an applicant tracking system (ATS) can rapidly process and sift through thousands of resumes and applicants for screening. With a competent system and with the help of AI, relevant qualifiers can be introduced to filter candidates and increase compatibility between clients and candidates. 

Recruiting AI software  can learn about the job requirements and organizes resumes based on past hiring decisions. Using previous resumes and their eventual outcomes as a model, AI can identify patterns and qualities that lead to successful hires and use that data to rank candidates.

Sourcing is another time consuming yet necessary task in the hiring process. Most sourcing comes from having an online and social media presence. Today, there are applicant tracking apps that can post job openings on several websites from a single location. 

Remove Bias with Recruitment Automation

There’s a lot of optimism that recruiting AI software can help remove bias when it comes to making hiring decisions. 

The key with removing bias with the use of AI is that recruiters can filter their metrics to indicate skills, experience, and job-readiness as opposed to the subconscious and subjective factors such as race, gender, name and other non job-relevant metrics that can affect a recruiter’s hiring decision.

Recruiting AI software uses large quantities of data when learning about what makes a successful candidate and ranking their candidates. With the help of an algorithm, the software uses the data points to predict the best candidates from a given pool of talent. 

Because of the expanding size of candidates that recruiters have to deal with, it’s difficult to avoid letting bias affect a hiring decision. Utilizing recruitment automation will help streamline the long, arduous process of screening while at the same time ensuring for an objective, unbiased approach to evaluating thousands of potential candidates. 

The only danger with AI when it comes to subjectivity is that it might identify previous biases in your hiring decisions and try to emulate them. This means that some human oversight is necessary to ensure that previous bias isn’t learned and implemented by existing AI. 

Recruiting AI Software and Loxo AI

Loxo AI is the world’s first intelligent assistant. Loxo’s proprietary technology will help you discover talent across hundreds of different data sources and matches you with the best candidates for your needs. 

Unlike the ATS and recruiting software that was introduced in the 90’s, Loxo’s recruiting AI software utilizes an ATs+CRM that eliminates data entry and streamlines time-consuming procedures. On top of eliminating routine procedures, Loxo’s sophisticated AI can also help you find contact information within seconds and automatically source the top 10% of candidates from every market.

With Loxo AI, you can input what you want from a candidate and within 24 hours we’ll send you a list of approximately 50 top candidates that fit your description. Loxo’s design is elegant, its platform is simple, and its functions are easy to use.

The next wave of recruitment AI and automation is here with Loxo. Don’t limit yourself with outdated technology; schedule your free Loxo demo today.

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