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Machine Learning for Hiring: Changing the Way Your Recruiting and HR Teams Operate

Machine learning, as a part of the wave of artificial intelligence, has changed the ways developers test automated driving, create video games, and, as this article will chart, optimize the recruiting process.

Part of what makes AI so significant in the recruiting world has a lot to do with the capabilities that come with machine learning. Machine learning is a subfield of AI that allows the system to analyze data in order to autonomously learn without being specifically programmed into each update. 

Machine learning has been utilized in several steps of the recruiting process, and it’s incumbent on recruiters to integrate machine learning into their model as AI becomes more prevalent in the recruiting world. 

Machine Learning for Hiring: Job Postings

One of the most time-consuming steps for HR teams is manually writing and posting job advertisements. Additionally, depending on who’s writing the post, your messaging may not be effective enough to attract the kind of candidates you’re looking for. 

Machine learning technology analyzes and identifies patterns between language and successful job postings. Sophisticated algorithms are able to find common denominators between successful posts and rely on the efficacy of those findings to create their own advertisements. 

Not only will this free up time for you, but it will also help your HR team write clearer descriptions for job openings. If you want to write the posts yourself, the software will provide you with a description of the kind of language that has been most successful within a certain posting space, even specifying what kind of language is more beneficial for a diverse group of candidates. 

Machine Learning for Hiring: Resume Screening and Sourcing 

Resume parsing and sourcing is one of the most clearly affected areas of machine learning technology. 

With standard AI applications, intelligent ATS software will help you parse through resumes and source candidates at a much faster rate. What machine learning provides, however, is the ability for you to identify certain patterns that come with successful and unsuccessful previous applicants. Machine learning sifts through thousands of hiring cases to assess what key factors, based on the resume, led to a successful hire. 

Machine learning utilizes key words, traits, experiences, and necessary skills in a smart, comprehensive manner that will help identify top talent that might otherwise slip through the cracks.

Machine Learning for Hiring: Employee Retention

Machine learning AI provides recruiters with one of the more controversial uses of intelligent software by analyzing data that predicts how long a candidate might stick with a job. 

While some call it invasive, machine learning applications allow AI bots to sift through a candidate’s history online via email, messages, documents, and search history in order to identify certain outliers that might suggest someone will quit their job. 

Machine learning technology can identify certain cues in language, providing employers with an update when specific keywords have been identified in the candidate’s relevant meta-data entries. Dystopian similarities aside, much of this technology is already being used in several industries and trends suggest that it could be a widespread part of the recruiting process in the near future.

Part of what makes machine learning so interesting is how fast and powerful the intelligent software can become overtime. For HR teams, utilizing machine learning technology is quickly becoming a necessary part of the hiring process, and implementing such technologies will make it much easier to adapt to further changes in the industry. 

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