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How Loxo Can Eliminate Hiring Bottlenecks

Enterprises across every industry experience bottlenecks. Bottleneck is congestion in a business. This issue decreases productivity and slows down recruitment. 

Hiring organizations without bottlenecks have the upper hand.This article will tell you how to eliminate bottlenecks in your hiring process by utilizing a talent sourcing platform. Read on for more insight:

Disconnect Between Job Applicants and Recruiters

Countless studies have determined that there’s a disparity between how employers’ and applicant’s recruitment experiences. Over the last few years, we’ve realized how essential a candidate’s experience is if you want to secure the best talent and improve employee retention.

Observing how the applicants interact with your career page and how they rate their experience are vital in improving your recruitment process and candidate quality.

With tools such as Google Analytics, recruiters can determine how applicants locate their career page and the number of applicants who complete their applications.

Divide Qualified from Unqualified Applicants

The more vacant roles there are in an organization, the more candidates there will be. This is great news, but manually digging through the candidate’s information slows down the process.

Resume keyword scanners can help recruiters sort out and prioritize applicants based on resumes. They come in handy, especially when the role has many candidates. The scanners scan for keywords that show if applicants meet the requirements. 

Manual Data Entry and Workflows

An ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) and CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) are among the best management tools for recruiters to increase efficiency and speed. An ATS enables the recruiters to streamline the candidate’s information. 

A CRM organizes applicants and their details in a searchable database and calculates the success rate for multiple recruitment strategies. If you manually send follow-up emails, check out CRM platforms to automate your applicants’ communications.

Wait for Reference Checks

Traditionally, recruiters had to send emails or ring up the applicant’s former employers for reference. Although this step imparts important information, most recruiters tend to skip it because it takes up a lot of time.

Over the years, many tools have come about to speed the process and add analysis for a reference check. Reference software allows employers to provide a complete picture of the applicant.

Looking for a Talent Sourcing Platform?

Searching for talent is always a challenge, but you can avoid common obstacles with the right tools and knowledge. Before fixing any problems addressed in our guide, ensure you’ve verified and communicated your strategy with your team.

Bringing all your hiring tools into one platform improves recruitment and minimizes the chance of bottlenecks. With Loxo, you’ll have a collaborative environment to work in and ensure you get the best talent.

Learn more about how Loxo is different from other talent sourcing platforms and how it optimizes your hiring process.

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