Title Location
Senior Environmental Specialist NV, USA
Management Information Systems Lead Green River, WY
Continuous Improvement Lean Manufacturing Systems Lead Green River, WY
Maintenance Manager NV, USA
Safety Coordinator NV, USA
Metallurgist NV, USA
Senior Mine Production Supervisor NV, USA
Chief Mine Geologist NV, USA
Director of Technology NC, USA
Electrical Engineer NC, USA
HR Business Partner USA
Senior Environmental Engineer ID, USA
Civil/Water Resources Engineer MT, USA
Chief Ventilation and Refrigeration Engineer ID, USA
Warehouse Supervisor ID, USA
Project Director AZ, USA
Principal Study Manager UT, USA
Metallurgist NV, USA
Electrical & Instrumentation Technician NM, USA
Electrical & Instrumentation Technician NV, USA
Project Controller NV, USA
Senior Mine Geologist AZ, USA
Accountant NV, USA
Senior Resource Geologist NC, USA
Controller NV, USA
Health and Safety Manager NV, USA
Vault Manager NY, USA
Process Control Supervisor AZ, USA
Underground Mine Maintenance Supervisor Green River, WY
Senior Mechanical Engineer – Energy Phoenix, AZ
Staff Mechanical Engineer – Mining Phoenix, AZ
Mine Planning Engineer - Long Term Mine Planning NV, USA
Mobile Maintenance Superintendent NV, USA
Mine Maintenance Supervisor NV, USA
Safety Supervisor CO, USA
Resource Modeling Geologist SC, USA
Construction Manager NV, USA
Staff Structural Engineer (Energy Storage) AZ, USA
Assistant Structural Engineer - Energy AZ, USA
Assistant Civil Engineer - Energy AZ, USA
Staff Electrical Engineer - Solar AZ, USA
Senior Electrical Engineer - Solar AZ, USA
Assistant Electrical Engineer AZ, USA
Reliability Engineer
Process Control Trainer ID, USA
Junior Geologist Geosciences NV, USA
Chemical Process Engineer Green River, WY
Mining Pre-Construction Manager Phoenix, AZ
Process Engineer NV, USA
Field Engineer NV, USA
Reliability Engineer NV, USA
Utilities Engineer Green River, WY
Electrical Maintenance Engineer Green River, WY
Business Improvement Analyst NV, USA
Senior Geologist NV, USA
Health & Safety Supervisor CA, USA
Electrical & Controls Engineer NV, USA
Senior Project Estimator AZ, USA
Mine Engineer, Senior Mine Engineer NV, USA
Mine Geologist/Senior Mine Geologist NV, USA
Metallurgist NV, USA
Project Engineer SC, USA
Senior Environmental Engineer MT, USA
Senior Underground Planning Engineer NV, USA
Underground Mine Engineer ID, USA
Mine Engineer CO, USA
Chief Mine Engineer AZ, USA
Safety & Health Superintendent NV, USA
General Manager NV, USA
Reliability Engineer KS, USA
Estimator IN, USA
Environmental Manager ID, USA
Process Control Engineer NV, USA
Chief Mine Engineer NV, USA
Mining Engineer AL, USA
Senior Process Engineer Phoenix, AZ
Staff Electrical Engineer Phoenix, AZ
Senior Electrical & Reliability Engineer Green River, WY
Senior Electrical Engineer Green River, WY
Environmental Engineer AZ, USA
Engineering Project Manager - Control Systems Green River, WY
Senior Metallurgist/Lab Manager CA, USA
Lead Piping Engineer NC, USA
Lead Mechanical Engineer NC, USA
Controls and Instrumentation Engineer NC, USA
Senior Metallurgist CA, USA
Diesel Mechanic ID, USA
Senior Electrical Engineer WY, USA
General Application USA
Geotechnical Engineer NV, USA