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Junior Metallurgist
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The Junior Metallurgical Engineer position will assist with laboratory experiments and tests to evaluate the performance of metallurgical processes, including flotation, leaching, solvent extraction, and electrowinning. They will work closely with experienced metallurgical staff and operations teams to support production and optimize process efficiency.

Essential Functions

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

1. Data Analysis and Reporting: Analyze test results and data to identify trends, anomalies, and opportunities for process improvement. Prepare comprehensive reports documenting findings and recommendations.

2. Process Optimization: Collaborate with senior metallurgical staff and operations teams to identify and implement process optimization initiatives aimed at maximizing recovery, reducing costs, and improving product quality.

3. Troubleshooting and Problem-solving: Participate in troubleshooting efforts to address process issues, equipment malfunctions, and other challenges that arise during production.

4. Quality Control: Assist in monitoring and maintaining product quality standards throughout the production process. Implement quality control measures and protocols as needed.

5. Compliance and Safety: Ensure that metallurgical processes comply with regulatory requirements, environmental standards, and safety protocols. Participate in safety meetings and initiatives to promote a culture of safety.

6. Research and Development: Stay abreast of industry developments, emerging technologies, and best practices in metallurgical engineering. Participate in research projects and innovation initiatives aimed at advancing metallurgical processes.


1. Problem Solving/Analysis.

2. Ethical Conduct.

3. Communication Proficiency.

4. Learning Orientation.

Required Education and Experience

1. 0-3 years of related experience

2. Bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical, Chemical or Mineral Processing Engineering.

Preferred Education and Experience

1. Understanding of computer science, programming and/or computer experience

2. Distributed Control System knowledge

3. Project Experience or Project training is a plus.

4. Strong understanding of metallurgical principles and processes, particularly related to copper extraction and refining.

5. Proficiency in laboratory techniques, data analysis, and experimental design.

6. Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot technical issues.

7. Effective communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.

8. Detail-oriented and able to work independently with minimal supervision.

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