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Mine Engineer - Midrange Planning
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Job Description

Mine Engineer - Midrange Planning

This position reports directly to the Manager of Short/Mid Range Planning at the company’s Minnesota site.  The responsibilities of the positions include, but are not limited to:


Administering the company’s safety program and initiatives for the department ensuring management's commitment and ensuring a safe work environment.


This role bridges the gap between Short-Range and Long Range planning

Toe-Crest Designs- convert pit designs to from long range to toe-crest designs to be staked in the field

Medium Term Shovel and cable plan

Medium Term infrastructure plan- sump placement + powerlines, roads, culverts required

Work closely to ensure the short-range plan (0-3month) integrates seamlessly with mid-range plan (3-12)

Own AOP Plan Risk Register

Design ramps, interim walls and any other short-term designs as needed/requested

Communications with Land Manager.

Weekly Mine Tours with Engineering and Operations


Compliance-to-plan Reporting- Detailed ahead and behind digface and tonnage reconciliations – analyze and reconcile actual mine performance to planned performance

Risk Register Review


Own and generate 3+9,6+6,9+3 Rolling Forecasts

AOP Plan Risk Register- Detailed SWOT analysis of medium range plan. Identification of plan bottlenecks, constraints (water, spring thaw), Plant throughput etc. Build and manage Risk Register (and supporting mitigating actions) and communicate to Management, Operations and pertinent stakeholders quarterly


Responsible for the AOP- 100% ownership and generation of annual business plan. Quality, tons



This position requires a Bachelor's Degree in Mine Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, or Civil Engineering.

The position also requires 1-3 years of applicable work experience.

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