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Can you feel the MADNESS?

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It’s that time of year again! No, not Spring Break, but March Madness®. Ok, maybe you’re not one of the 40 million Americans placing a bet on the Big Dance, but this is a good time to check out the parallels between our business and sports.

The lifeblood of programs with long-term success, like the University of Kentucky, is recruiting. Coach Cal has adapted to the every-changing landscape of the NCAA and has actually worked the one-and-done rule to his advantage (“Want to be NBA-ready next year? Come play for me.”)

Just like an elite coach is the face of a basketball program, you are the face of your business. Your charisma, your persona, your network enables you to identify and recruit the ideal candidate to fill your open job order. Yet, the tracking tasks take you away from this core competency! Wouldn’t it be great to find an intelligent assistant who simplifies the data and administrative side of applicant tracking, allowing you to focus on your passion?

Or maybe you’re more like the mid-market team, building your business and looking for innovations to help you close the competitive gap with the big dogs? A recent article in the New York Times reveals how mid-market team Davidson has partnered with the university’s math department to use statistics to improve their game plan (and not surprisingly, winning percentage). The team now better understands what set of 5 players is most efficient, how efficient individual players are and what to expect from their competition. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a talent warehouse with deep analytical capabilities instead of a collection of spreadsheets?

Meet Loxo, the talent intelligence platform. Quickly get your disparate data into one place. Finally have an easy-to-use, elegant, simple platform. Leverage big data and analytics to automatically create a talent pool and find that right candidate.

Whatever stage your business is at, Loxo can help you build a competitive advantage. Wouldn’t you rather invest in the right tools to set your business up for success? Or do you want to place your bet that you’ll be the Cinderella?

Loxo Blog

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