Loxo, The Talent Intelligence Platform

Talent Intelligence

The future of recruiting and talent acquisition will be interwoven with big data analytics and tools that improve decision making. Fortune500 companies and the big online giants have the resources to invest in this infrastructure, however you need an equivalent to stay out ahead of selective hiring managers. Loxo has been built from the ground up for this day, and are committed to leading the charge for recruiting professionals. When it arrives you will be well ahead of the curve.

Deep Database Search and Talent Mining

Simple, powerful, fast – we call it delightful search. Loxo has architected a state-of-the-art indexing and full-text search system; leaving no stone unturned. Never miss another candidate hidden in your database again. Search across your entire database, including inside resumes, your personal notes pertaining to candidates, tags, key words, parsed fields, and even information pulled in from across the web.

A Sourcers Paradise

There is a well-known witticism for talent sourcing professionals; if you are someone who spends your time ferociously scanning the market, networking, and essentially copying and pasting links on the internet all day, you are a sourcing guru. Now, just imagine your effectiveness if you had a tailor made tool....now you do with Loxo. The awkward spreadsheets, saved candidates, and outdated talent pipelines across dozens of external websites will be a thing of the past. Loxo makes it simple to get data into your ATS, get organized, and even easier when you’re ready to go back to pull up the hidden talent you uncovered in one central place — imagine that — a tool that is purpose built, so you can find the best candidate for any given job.

Enrich your Data and Build Talent Pools

Loxo offers a unique tagging feature which is all about ease of use, speed, and flexibility. You are closer to the talent than anyone; this is where you turn that knowledge into intelligence for your own private Talent Warehouse. If you have a team this becomes incredibly powerful. Create talent pools on the fly, use tags to add context and relevancy, add additional metadata and layers to each specific candidate. In time, this on the fly process will enrich your talent warehouse and give you access to more advanced business intelligence tools. The resulting ROI provides you with an incredible amount of business intelligence, and add yet another major differentiator between the single dimensional database your competitors use.

Usability and Customer Experience

Making software look simple is easy. Making complex software easy to use, is extremely challenging. We go through extensive Research and Development cycles incorporating stakeholders from every side of the equation to deliver a world class product. That requires paying attention to every last detail and focusing on our customer experience with each and every decision we make. Part of this is Product Development, which includes the user interface design, the features and the technology behind the scenes, but another core component of the Usability and Customer Experience is in the underlying workflow.

Streamlined Workflow + 1 click user actions

The pace at which you have to switch between tasks during your workday is borderline chaotic. Between an exploding inbox, client visits, phone calls, candidate interviews, soccer practice, and maybe if there's time for a snack, it’s hard to keep on top of things and gain any efficiencies. With a streamlined workflow and 1-click speed features you can interchange all day long and always know the exact status of each candidate and every job. Loxo supports you the way you work naturally, without asking you to change any behaviors.


The agile movement is pervasive across innovative technology companies which have to operate in fast moving and unpredictable environments. The underlying agile approach is also a contemporary element of operations management. Due to the immense advantages, many larger and now more recently boutique Recruiting Agency's leverage at least some form of Agile operations management principles. It only makes sense that your ATS software helps your organization move in iterative cycles to handle the extreme unpredictability in recruiting. Loxo was built to not only work the way you do, but will improve your performance.

Talent Warehouse

In order to be a leading recruiting agency in your geographic region and specialization, you need to consistently deliver or your clients will find someone who does. A Talent Warehouse gives you the ability to consistently execute and this practice is referred to as JIT (Just in Time) Recruiting. For JIT Recruiting to work, it’s paramount that you have appropriate coverage. If you and your team are constantly coming across new/fresh talent in your geographic region and area of specialization that aren’t already in your database, you are playing catch up and expending waste (time and resources). If you fit into that bucket you are going to love the tools and platform we’ve developed to help you move closer to JIT Recruiting – which means placing more candidates in less time.

You can wait until tomorrow, or you can get started today. Get ahead of the curve.

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