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Talent Intelligence 2016: The Next Generation Is Coming

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As 2015 comes to a close and we ring in the New Year we wanted to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to our customers and the rapidly growing Loxo community. This has been a breakout year we’ll never forget and we are excited to start the new year together.

We’ve been fortunate to attract innovative early adopters, and it’s become very clear why you’re leaders in your niche. You refuse to rest on your laurels, and have sought out cutting edge partners offering new ideas and a vision for the future. You recognize the future of talent acquisition looks very different than it does today and have realized that we are in this together — you need Loxo as much as we need you.

You supported us during our infancy when our product was raw, buggy and imperfect. You believed in our vision realizing that our passion and commitment to building the next generation technology would blossom if we built this together. Loxo would’ve never survived or learned enough to reach this stage in our business without your patience and faith.

We’ve grown exponentially with you this year and as our software has matured you’ve told us that Loxo gives you the feeling that we are becoming the Apple of recruiting software. One of our first objectives was to have the most delightfully simple and elegantly designed product. That was only the beginning. Our story now moves into the next chapter; what differentiates Loxo from all the incredible competitors before us.

Looking ahead in 2016

We’ve shared this story with those of you who were willing to listen and didn’t laugh at us when we said talent intelligence would change the game. Early in 2016 we’ll be introducing features that have been under development for more than three years.

Our team exists to serve your business and make your life a little bit better, every day. These features will enable you to do so much more much faster than ever. We are incorporating everything the intelligent web represents including semantic web, microformats, natural language search, data-mining, machine learning, recommendation agents, and artificial intelligence technologies — which emphasize machine-facilitated understanding of information in order to provide a more productive and intuitive user experience.

In layman’s terms, Loxo was born to create the technology and do for talent acquisition what Tesla, Google, and now every other major automotive company is racing to achieve with self-driving cars. We are creating a smarter vessel that helps you as the pilot, more effectively arrive from point A to point B.

As we all close out 2015, I want to bring this back to our customers, to the people who have supported us, and those who will join us on this long-term journey. We are forever grateful for your business, and for your patient support. Also to our friends, to our world-class team members and most importantly to our families for supporting us during these incredibly challenging startup years. There hasn’t been a single day where we haven’t felt like David competing against Goliath and we realize that will probably never change. The path ahead is uncertain and full of obstacles. What we can promise you is that we will never quit and we will never waver in our quest to do something extraordinary, and as we continue along this journey together we’ll never lose sight of what it means to earn the support, respect and loyal friendship of a customer.

Thank you. We wish you a prosperous and happy New Year.

p.s. we were also fortunate to celebrate not one, but two life milestones in 2015 . Both Co-Founders, Ilia and Matt married their better halves and the Loxo family has never been stronger…

Loxo Blog
Loxo Blog

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