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093: Tactical Tuesday – Do These 3 Things To Retain & Expand Your Recruiting Relationships

May 14, 2024

sam kuenhle

On this quick-hitter Tactical Tuesday episode, Sam dives into some practical strategies to not only maintain but also expand your existing client base. This episode serves as a great follow-up to Episode 85, where we discuss tactics to land more clients. Now, we’re focusing on how to keep them engaged and satisfied.

1. Taking clients to lunch: the power of personal connections

Our first tip might seem straightforward, but its simplicity is precisely what makes it effective. Take a client to lunch. This setting allows for a relaxed, personal conversation far removed from the rushed interactions of emails and phone calls. It’s your chance to listen actively and understand your client’s upcoming projects and challenges. By investing time in understanding their needs and plans, you can tailor your services to better support their goals. The key here is not to have a rigid agenda but to let the conversation flow naturally, providing you insights into how you can be of further assistance.

2. Conducting a hiring effectiveness assessment

Borrowing wisdom from Episode 92 with Paul Stansik, our next recommendation is to perform a hiring effectiveness assessment, which involves reviewing the hires an organization has made over the past few years and analyzing them against the company’s performance metrics. Are the trends showing improvement, or is there a decline in performance? Understanding these patterns will not only highlight areas of success but also pinpoint where improvements are necessary. This type of assessment is invaluable as it provides strategic insights that can refine your client’s hiring process, ensuring better future hires and demonstrating your deep commitment to their business success.

3. Creating engaging candidate experiences

Lastly, let’s talk about enhancing the candidate experience. A great way to do this is by helping your clients create content that gives prospective hires a real sense of what it’s like to work at their company. Work with your clients to record interviews with current team members who can answer common questions candidates might have. These can range from their first 30 days at the company to misconceptions about the workplace. Such content not only enriches the company’s career page or job postings but also aids candidates in making informed decisions. This transparency in communication builds trust and can significantly elevate a company’s attractiveness to top talent.

Why do these strategies matter?

These strategies are designed to deepen the relationships with your clients by demonstrating a proactive approach to meeting their needs. From personal engagement through lunches to strategic assessments and creating transparent candidate experiences, each step helps in cementing your role as more than just a service provider but as a pivotal part of your client’s extended team.

By implementing these tactics, you not only ensure sustained business growth but also contribute to the creation of a robust hiring ecosystem for your clients. Remember, successful recruitment strategies don’t just fill positions today — they build the foundations for tomorrow’s industry leaders.

So, whether you’re just starting out in recruitment or looking to enhance your service offerings, these tips can significantly influence how you support your clients and drive results.



00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:02 – 1: Taking clients to lunch: the power of personal connections
01:54 – 2: Conducting a hiring effectiveness assessment
03:13 – 3: Creating engaging candidate experiences
04:41 – Podcast wrap up

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