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2017 is the year of growth here at Loxo, with many new, exciting product features in the pipeline. This week we launched the first of the new features, forms, enabling our clients to recruit faster, streamline processes, and improve communication.

Loxo Forms Is Now Live

Build and share custom forms with Loxo’s new form feature.

Loxo launches new forms feature, which comes standard for all users. Both recruiters and account admins can now build custom forms within individual person profiles on the people grid.

Forms can be leveraged to create uniform templates to document critical information, such as:

The new tool offers a simple, easy-to-use interface that even inexperienced form builders can quickly master.

Loxo users can build a form template with several different field types, including text, resizable paragraphs, single choice, and multiple choice. The forms are customizable to the user’s unique requirements and can be shared across the agency.

Forms will allow Loxo users to ensure consistency and faster documentation of recurring communications with all contact types, including clients and candidates.

Build and share custom forms with Loxo’s new form feature.

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