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Loxo Introduces Cutting Edge CRM Along With New UI Design

Combining the power of the world’s most delightful applicant tracking system with a cutting edge CRM to give you everything you need under one roof.

We’re excited to announce our latest release — and man is this a big one! The engineering and product team have poured blood, sweat and tears into delivering what may be our largest overall product release in our history.

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Life is short — shouldn’t you choose software you love to use?


UX. Product Design. Intelligence.

Our customers User Experience means everything to us. It’s built into our mission, embedded in our team’s DNA, and will always be a core focus to our business.

We are constantly challenging our team to raise the bar and push the boundaries of what is technically possible, to reimagine how recruiting software should look as well as function, and bring you the most user friendly and intelligent recruiting software on the planet.

The magic of the user experience in Loxo comes to life when you start to interact with the CRM, and are able to watch what unfolds. You will find this experience to be drastically different from traditional applicant tracking systems available on the market and that is why we are so excited to be able to bring this to our customers.


With the addition of the CRM Loxo has delivered unsurpassed value within one simple tool to not only map the talent market and facilitate recruiting functions, but also manage all your contacts, accounts and activities for yourself or your entire organization. Now you can see a history of any associated event, job, talent pipeline, team member activity, even emails/notes, etc. all in one place and it automatically updates without any manual effort or unnecessary data entry. Now that’s smart!

Loxo Blog

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