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It’s been one week, and I am already blown away by the hard-working and intelligent people who make up the Loxo family. I’ll never forget leaving the Loxo office after meeting everyone for the first time, feeling so connected to the vision and the desire to be a part of this winning team. After being here at Loxo for a little over a week, my excitement has continued to grow. There is something about being a part of the group that has the responsibility to help a company succeed that is exhilarating; I can’t wait to make an impact!

One of the core pieces about Loxo that stood out to me during my interview was the focus on developing the customer success team and defining the customer journey. Customer success is a fairly new term in the tech industry but is a critical function to succeed in a competitive space. This is not a one-type-fits-all position; customer care, industry knowledge, marketing, and sales all fall under customer success. All while making sure our interactions with a customer adds value and creates a positive experience. If your customers aren’t happy, who is? The customer journey begins with a signed contract and remains throughout their lifetime with the company.

We envision a new era of Loxo with an elite customer experience. Starting from the ground up, we are building processes, content, and product knowledge to ensure we are making the customer’s experience unparalleled to our competition. We are going to be the voice and advocate for Loxo’s customers, helping navigate how the engineering team develops Loxo’s product.

I’m joining the team, along with recently hired Brooke to build upon the incredible foundation that is already here at Loxo. Both Brooke and I bring our own unique perspectives and experiences with customer success and this mix will help us create a world-class customer experience to match the world-class product Loxo is creating. We are still defining exactly how we want to map out Loxo’s customer journey, but in the meantime, we are enjoying the road leading us there!

Loxo Blog

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