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AC Lion easily migrates their data — and their favorite partners — to Loxo


AC Lion is a digital executive search firm, with a focus on digital media and emerging technology recruiting.

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AC Lion is a digital executive search firm, with a focus on digital media and emerging technology recruiting.

With over 25 years of experience, they have a massive database of candidates, clients, and companies — which made the decision to change recruiting software one that they did not take lightly.

Until making the switch to Loxo’s Talent Intelligence Platform this year, AC Lion had been using Bullhorn for six years, which — though an improvement over their former platform, Excelare — still presented several challenges. 

“Our recruiters would log in every morning and have to open eight different sites just to do their jobs,” Ashley Watson, AC Lion’s Director of People & Operations, says. 

And while her team was getting really good at creating workarounds, eventually their frustrations with disparate systems started to add up — and their primary objective was finding a platform that could centralize all recruitment activities in one place. 

…Enter Loxo.

Turning over a new leaf with Loxo

“I could talk your ear off about all the things that Loxo does better than our previous ATS.”

Ashley Watson, Director of People & Operations

The toughest challenge the AC Lion team has faced since starting their journey with Loxo? Breaking old habits, which doesn’t happen overnight. 

Change always comes with a few challenges — even when it’s so worth it — and Ashley acknowledges that her team is still ramping up in Loxo. “It’s a complete overhaul of our entire workflow,” she explains, “rather than just adding in a new feature or solution for one step of the process.” Her goal is that by March of 2024, the entire AC Lion team will be “Loxo experts.” 

Quick and easy wins since adopting Loxo? Loxo’s quick and easy customization ability, the AI-matching feature within Source, and the Loxo Chrome Extension. “One click, and I can pull all of this information into Loxo? It’s a game-changer, especially when we’d previously been copy-and-pasting everything into Bullhorn.” 

But the biggest thing that has made the transition to a new platform easier has been Loxo’s simple and intuitive interface, Ashley says. 

“My Bullhorn training sessions when onboarding a new recruiter were five days long. We had to spend a full day on each record type and unique best practices,” she explains. “Loxo isn’t like that — we had people hop in just to play around, and it’s so intuitive that they’re instantly like, ‘Oh, I get it.’

And that intuitive UI gives Ashley and the entire AC Lion team the opportunity to focus on their workflow and make improvements to that — rather than constantly seeking workarounds for a platform that doesn’t give them the option to do better.

Integrations & customer support

When the AC Lion team finally decided to switch from Bullhorn to Loxo, they knew they needed to bring one thing with them: Blitz, a commission tracking software that they use to address the complexities of commission plans and bonuses. 

Loxo did not previously have an integration with Blitz, so when the AC Lion team brought it to the table, our engineers got to work. 

With Blitz, the company’s recruiters no longer need to manually track commissions, as the software automates these processes. It also provides insights into individual and team performance and ensures transparency in financial transactions. “Being able to provide that transparency to our team — and making sure they always know how much they’re going to get paid, and when — is so important to us and something that we like to believe sets us apart,” Ashley says on why Blitz is so important to AC Lion. 

It took about a month of set-up to get the integration running and ready to meet AC Lion’s unique needs, but now it’s live and has already streamlined commission tracking, ensuring that placements are accurately linked with their finance software.. 

“I had a direct line to Loxo engineering at one point,” Ashley says regarding the Blitz integration and AC Lion’s migration to Loxo. “This has never happened to me with any other software provider before.”

Ashley Watson., Director of People & Operation

The path forward with Loxo

As AC Lion continues to adapt to their new workflow, Ashley expects further improvements in their recruitment process. “A year from now,” Ashley jokes, “this conversation will be even better.” 

One thing is certain: Loxo’s customer success team is at the ready to help Ashley’s team work out all the growing pains as they continue to improve their workflow and seek to get the most out of Loxo. 

Raving about Loxo’s customer service, Ashley says:

“The first and only time we received customer service in six years with Bullhorn was when we told them we were leaving. To have a chat support team who probably all know me by first name at this point — and to get answers to our questions within a day, it’s overall been really positive and helpful for the team.”

Ashley Watson, Director of People and Operations

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