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Creative Recruitment Strategies You Need to Use

All recruiters want the same thing: more access to top talent and stronger candidates. The strategies your recruiting firm applies to reach those candidates, however, can make or break your edge over the competition.

While traditional recruiting methods have been proven to work and yield results, industries do change. New social platforms are introduced, technologies evolve, and the best ways to attract top candidates will change accordingly.

What this means for recruiters is that there are now a myriad of ways to interact with and attract top talent. From utilizing social media to developing exciting recruiting events, here are some of the top creative recruitment strategies you should be using in today’s market.

Social Media Creative Recruitment Strategies

Yes, we all use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other apps to advertise and market our businesses. In the world of recruiting, however, the advent of these digital platforms provides you with a variety of ways to approach candidates in a fun and creative way.

In 2016, Goldman Sachs ditched their in-person first round interviews in place of a pre-recorded video platform called HireVue. The multinational investment bank went on to launch a hiring campaign on Spotify, the audio streaming platform, to reach out to potential job applicants.

McDonald’s has also adopted a few innovative recruitment strategies. Appealing to Millennials and and emerging Gen Z applicants, McDonald’s launched their campaign with Snapchat in 2017. The fast food chain invited job seekers in Australia to create a 10-second introduction video that they could share, via Snapchat, with a local McDonald’s manager.

Online personality tests, text recruiting techniques, and identifying with candidates on popular online forums, like Reddit, are just a few ways to creatively reach out to candidates. With so much of young talent interacting with the world through their phones, it’s imperative that recruiters recognize the trend and become a presence on major social media and digital platforms.

Host an Exciting Recruiting Event

Recruiting events have long since been utilized in the recruiting world to bring clients, candidates, and recruiters together in one arena. There are more ways, however, to excite an industry and utilize face-to-face interactions than by laying booths out in rows across a convention center. If your firm is willing to go the extra mile to organize and host a sizeable recruiting event, why not do it in the most engaging and memorable manner?

Here are a few ways you can create an exciting recruiting event:



VR Creative Recruitment Strategies

Colleges, companies, and businesses across the nation are incorporating virtual tours into their creative recruitment strategies. VR technology presents a fun and engaging way to show candidates what it might be like to work in a specific company. Businesses can set up VR booths at events and let candidates “see” what employment might look like from inside the virtual office.

If the technology isn’t available to your firm or clients, online virtual tours can be made accessible with a 360° video. Candidates from anywhere in the world can get a first-hand look inside the office of their dream job.

Top Talent Recruitment Strategy

Identifying and reaching out, individually, to the very best candidates is a recruitment strategy that often gets overlooked. Most recruiters have a list of active, high quality candidates at their disposal through their databases. What they fail to do beyond collecting and ranking applicants, however, is create concise, substantive lists of top talent with a personalized profile to reference each of those candidates.

You can utilize your CRM even more by creating lists of dream candidates, looking over their social media and public profiles, and reaching out to them with personalized messages to let them know you’ve taken notice.

Sending a personalized message and letting top talent know that they’re on your radar could make the difference between you and a competitor who sends the expected perennial email. Use the technology at your disposal to develop strategies that other firms aren’t applying.

There isn’t a single best recruitment strategy to engage your candidates. The best way to maximize success is to try to apply all of these of strategies and be open to changes as they develop in your market.

Loxo will provide your firm with all you need to assess current, past, and potential candidates in order to see which strategies best align with your goals. A comprehensive, all-in-one ATS+CRM will help you identify your target candidates with ease and precision. Develop your best creative recruitment strategies and find top talent with Loxo today.

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