Recruitment events are excellent ways for agencies to flex their creative muscles, bring a business community together, and design an engaging environment that sets them apart from competitors. Meeting candidates in person can show you what resumes can’t, and give clients a better idea of the potential hires they’re working with.

While recruiting events come in multiple forms, there are some common best practices and recruitment event tips to follow so you can host the best possible event.

Building Excitement in the Industry

The traditional recruiting event that accommodates rows of tables, fliers, and potential hires making their way from booth to booth isn’t a bad strategy by any means. In today’s business climate, however, there are more ways to engage and excite members of an industry, especially if you want to contend with extravagant and innovative competitors.

Hackathons, many of which were held during the recruitment events UK 2017, attract programmers, coders, engineers, developers, and tech companies in the spirit of competition and camaraderie. Programmers can show off their skills to the industry, and companies can get a first-hand-look at prospective clients going to work.

Themed expos allow companies and members of the industry to display their latest technologies, products, and other exciting services.This allows candidates to get a first-hand look at what companies are developing, and can help potential hires make better decisions on which businesses best fit their interests and qualifications.

Recruitment events should be proactive and engaging. They should elicit some buzz to the industry they’re representing. With a little imagination and forward thinking, recruiting agencies can provide the next big platform that everyone remembers well after the event ends.

More Than Just a Job Opportunity

Of course, recruiting events are ultimately about creating job opportunities. That doesn’t mean, however, that creating job opportunities needs to be the focal point of your event. Oftentimes, focusing on the elements outside of bolstering candidate and client acquisition can lead to greater long-term success.

Recruiting events, as highlighted in hackathons, can be candidate-focused and geared towards competition or other demonstrations of skill sets. They can be company or product-focused, introducing an expo like in the recruitment events london 2017. They can be educational, allotting time for influential figures and CEOs to give informative speeches on the industry.

Giving more than just a job opportunity promotes the industry and members of the community, and ensures that your event will be a memorable one.

Generating Interest, Connections, and Networking

So you’ve planned your great event. It’s fun, interactive, and engages everyone involved. The food is excellent, the speeches are inspiring, and the competitions are as spirited as ever. Everything’s going as planned, and you’re ready to give yourself a big pat on the back for a successful day.

Before you get ahead yourself and bring out the celebratory bottles, don’t forget that one of the major reasons for the event was to attract potential clients, candidates, and industry figures. Remember to walk around and mingle with your guests. Smile, shake hands, and exchange business cards with potential clients and candidates.

After the event is concluded, use what you’ve learned in your interactions to send personalized messages to potential clients and candidates. This way, you can keep the event focused on fun and let the business connection form naturally afterwards.  

How to Plan an Effective Recruiting Event

Now that we’ve covered elements of great recruiting events, you can use the following steps to plan a fun, memorable recruiting event of your own.

  • Create a plan: The first thing you need to do is create a plan, and make sure you’re doing this well ahead of time. The last thing you want is the event to start crumbling because of preventable obstacles, especially if you’ve put down a deposit or two. Your plan should include big-picture items and go down to the minute details that will make your event stand out. Sit down with your team (including decision makers from any company you are partnering with to throw the event) and discuss potential themes or the type of event you will be hosting. Think of how this event will represent your brand (and partner’s/client’s brand) and what kind of image you’re trying to communicate.
  • Set your budget: Next, determine how big your budget will be. It’s easier for recruitment events to get bigger than planned. Setting a budget early will give you an idea of what kind of event you can support and what your limits are.
  • Select a venue, date, and time: Once you’ve established your budget and type of event, select your venue. Find a location that best fits your desired plan, theme, budget, and schedule.
  • Logistics: Create a list of timelines, roles, and planning procedures. Consider a detailed layout of the venue. Will there be a photographer? What kind of foods and drinks will you provide? Assign roles and starting checking off items from a to-do list.
  • Marketing: Spread the word that your company is hosting a special event where clients can get face-time with industry leaders and potential candidates. Use all the tools in your marketing bag of tricks, and be sure that you’re reaching your intended audience. [Learn More: Recruitment Marketing]
  • Follow up: You had your event, it was a great success, and you’re all done now… right? Not exactly. Following up on new connections is just as important as hosting a great event. Reach out to promising clients and candidates to ensure you get the most out of your event and always personalize these messages when possible.

Recruitment Event Ideas/Examples

  • Hackathons
  • Expos
  • Competitions
  • Weekend Retreats
  • Expert Panels
  • Meet and Greets

Recruitment events can be a goldmine for developing new connections with clients and candidates, and strengthening connections you already have. These events can also be a focal point for the industry your firm serves and an opportunity to bring a large community together around shared interests.

Good communication with clients and candidates is essential for pulling off an effective recruitment event, and Loxo has these bases covered. Equipped with a complete marketing suite, Loxo’s all-in-one ATS+CRM is your home base for planning, promoting and executing successful recruitment events. To learn more about how Loxo helps you manage candidate and client communications, schedule a demo here.