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A Level Playing Field

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As entrepreneurs, small business owners and recruiters, starting work on Monday sometimes feels like walking onto the field in the picture above, with the odds a bit stacked against us. Entrepreneur Magazine recently published an article “4 Ways to Level the Playing Field of Small Business Recruitment,” highlighting the critical role small businesses play in job growth, but also the competitive disadvantages they sometimes face due to lack of scale.

This challenge is likely dual-edged for you if you are running your own desk or are part of a small team. You need to attract top recruiters to your organization to help you grow your business and you need to be able to find and compel top talent to join your client’s teams.

Now we’ll forgive the author for not recognizing how a recruiter can be an amazing option for a small businesses to connect with top talent, but her points about not having time or resources to waste and the democratizing impact of technology are on point. These are the same opportunity gaps that the Loxo team wants to help you bridge. Your clients need you to deliver high quality candidates ASAP. You do not have time to waste searching through multiple files or handwritten notes to identify that right candidate. You need an efficient way to scour the vast amount of information and connections online to keep your pipeline of potential candidates fresh. You do want to invest tens of thousands of dollars in an applicant tracking system that is not intuitive, easy to use or robust enough to meet all of your needs.

We wholeheartedly agree with the author’s conclusion, “By accessing many of the same tools large companies use, those top candidates are within their [small businesses’] reach.” Loxo exists to give you an even better ATS than large companies use, and to level that playing field. Innovation and entrepreneurship drive the economy and we’re excited to partner with you to grow.

Loxo Blog

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