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20 Top Recruiting Websites & Design Trends

The Loxo team has spent the last four years talking with more than 10,000 recruiting leaders across the U.S., and we’ve seen the very best of what this industry has to offer.

As we reviewed thousands of independent and agency recruiting websites, we kept tabs on the best design, content and leading trends from these recruiting brands.

We weren’t surprised when we found these impressive websites. Recruiting agencies get employee branding so it makes sense that the following sites were top notch.

From adding candidate portfolios to a website to using video to communicate agency culture, there are many ways to inspire clients and candidates alike, to work with you before they ever even meet you.

We compiled 20 top recruiting websites here. Tell us which ones you love in the comments below.

How We Selected the Best Recruiting Websites

Trend: Video is the new black.

These agencies are ahead of curve when it comes to the modern website.

They know that video increases a viewer’s ‘dwell time’ (how long visitors stay on your website). The longer a viewer stays on your site, the higher Google ranks your site, the more clicks your site will get when prospects are searching for “top recruiting agencies in [YOUR CITY].”

These savvy agencies are also using video to showcase their brand personality. Building trust with your prospects and clients before they ever meet you is difficult to do. Video allows viewers to put faces to your recruiting team’s great reputation.

Colorful and creative: Vibrant design and bold messaging sets these agency sites apart from their competitors.

We landed on JBCconnect.com and stuck around for the images and slide shows. Their clean design elements, textured photography and bold statements made us want to click through just to see what their landing pages looked like.

Check out these sites for great uses of color, photography and unique branding elements.

Meet the Team: Humanize your firm with a warm and friendly picture of your staff

Showcasing a picture of your staff humanizes your relationship-heavy role in the talent acquisition process.

Staff pictures are a lot like annual family photos and what better way to build trust in your cohesive and friendly team than to welcome your viewer into your agency family. Not only do your viewers see who works for your team, they will feel like they know you when they shake your hand for the first time.

These agencies do a great job of allowing their viewers to “meet the team” before the first point of contact.

Theme: Professionalism and results build trust.

These brands are built on professionalism and tout proven results with their coveted awards and accolades.

Innovative: Your candidate portfolios live here.

Why wait to tout your network of creative talent when you can publish their awesome work right on your website? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a call from your client requesting to work with ‘Designer Dan?’

We love how this group innovated by showcasing their talented creatives right on their website.

Content Machines: You say all the right things at all the right times.

These websites inspired us with their content and messaging. If you weren’t motivated to work with a recruiting agency before, just read through their websites and you’ll want to pick up the phone to call their team.

List of Best Recruiting Websites

Betts Recruiting.


The HT Group

Davis Companies




Cirrus Medical Staffing



52 Limited



24 Seven


Cosourcing Partners


Creative Circle



Redstream Technology

What do you think of this roundup?

Do you have a killer website that deserves industry recognition? Link to your site in our comments and we just might expand the list!

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