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Loxo Source™

Make more hires with a massive database of 1.2 billion professionals

With Loxo Source™ you can unlock untapped talent pools and find any professional in the world, including hard-to-find, diverse talent.

Find hard-to-find, diverse talent.

The perfect solution for Outbound Recruiting and building talent pipelines

With Loxo, your search goes beyond LinkedIn and job boards. Find new talent across every industry including developers, technical experts, cleared candidates, licensed nurses, healthcare professionals, insurance agents and so much more.


Access the largest talent database in the marketplace

Search 1.2+ billion professional profiles from 100+ data sources at once, including public profiles on the open web including LinkedIn, Github, Healthgrades, ZocDoc, AngelList, Crunchbase, Twitter, and many more.


Save $2,000 - $10,000 per recruiter annually

You can drastically reduce your subscription costs if you have other sourcing, contact info finding, and Outbound recruiting tools. With Loxo everything you need is included all-in-one Talent Intelligence Platform.

Why pay for third-party sourcing tools? They don’t offer anything that Loxo doesn’t already have, yet Loxo offers an industry leading ATS and best-in-class Recruiting CRM.


Recruit strategically with market insights and analytics

Begin by better understanding the existing employees, industry sector and top employees working for competition. From there you can build data-driven sourcing and engagement strategies and plan for the future.


Speed up your sourcing

It shouldn't take 80 hours of work to get one fully qualified passive candidate into an interview. Cut time-to-hire by 85% and find better quality candidates by using the integrated suite of data and AI-powered products.

All-in-one platform

Improve your workflow

Don’t split your workflow into candidate research, hunting contact info, and manual outreach. With the Talent Intelligence Platform, sourcing is baked into your entire recruiting workflow.

When you find a qualified candidate, you can instantly see their contact info, drop them into the pipeline, and start an outreach campaign with one click—no switching tools or manual data entry.

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How Loxo Source Works

  • Set filters for the role
  • Use Boolean searches or add keywords to filter candidates
  • View top prospects ranked by AI
  • Drop them into the pipeline
  • See verified contact info
  • Send automated outreach campaigns

Find talent not available on social networks and job boards. Build higher quality pipelines. Make more hires in half the time.

1.2 Billion +

Total Addressable Talent Market

Professional and social profiles from hundreds of data sources, including public profiles and the open web in one place.

250 million +

Specialized Industries

Hard-to-find candidate profiles for even the most specialized industries including software engineers, tech, healthcare professionals, life sciences and so much more.

295 Million +


Find candidates from underrepresented backgrounds and build diverse talent pipelines with our Diversity profiles.

“We did a trial before we made our decision and Loxo’s sourcing database and contact information is really good, in fact so good that we are also eliminating our other sourcing and contact information providers which are no longer going to be a necessary expense.”

—Jim Guerrera, Managing Director SCN

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