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Why Employer Branding in Recruitment is Essential

Employer branding in recruitment is vital for companies to attract and maintain a healthy talent pool. If your business is looking to hire the best talent in the industry and overcome competition, it is essential to create a reputable brand. Recruiters must work with companies to make sure that their brand is upheld. This is a win, win situation for both recruiters and the company since a good employer brand will help the recruiter find and place better fit candidates at a fraction of the time and cost. Everyone wants to work for a company with a great employer brand, for example, google. All you hear are great things about working for google, great benefits, great culture, etc. Imagine if your client is Google. How easy is it for their recruiters to place talent into open positions?

Branding generally revolves around how customers, and in this case, talent, perceive your brand. Therefore, having a good reputation is beneficial and pays dividends. Research conducted by Glassdoor shows that ​69%​ of American citizens prefer not to take a job with a company that has a tarnished reputation, even in situations where the individual is unemployed. 

The same research also found that 84% of employees would consider quitting their current jobs and moving to companies with outstanding reputations. In this article, we dive into employer branding and how recruiters can help or hurt a company’s branding. 

What is employer branding in? 

Companies started adopting employer branding in the 1960s. It refers to your company’s reputation among the workforce or how employees perceive you as an employer. Therefore, it is a key factor in how a company can attract and retain top talent.

Why is employer branding in recruitment important? 

When focusing on your recruitment strategy, employer branding changes how the world and its workforce perceive your client. Good standing means you attract the right pool of candidates. In 2014, ​ManpowerGroup Solutions​ conducted a survey that showed one out of four job seekers make career-based decisions by considering a company’s reputation. Therefore, employer branding in recruitment is essential in ensuring your company does not lose high-value candidates. Making sure to articulate your companies brand and policies is essential. 

Low hiring costs 

Companies with a remarkable reputation find significant reductions in cost per hire. Renowned brands rarely have to spend on advertising jobs since potential candidates are usually on the lookout for job openings. According to data published by LinkedIn, high profile brands spend 43%less than brands with poor reputations. Companies can use the money saved on recruiting to build their brands and stay on top of the competition. 

Increased employee loyalty 

When you have a reputable image, it helps make sure employees are happy and content while working for you. As mentioned earlier, many employees are willing to leave their jobs to join reputable companies. When employees are excited about working for your brand, they promote your business by sharing their appreciation on social media platforms, boosting your brand’s visibility. 

Boost productivity 

Favorable working conditions affect the overall permanence of your employees. Employee engagement in strong brands is significantly stronger since there is a high rate of enthusiasm. When employees are engaged, it means they are more productive, which ultimately means higher profits for your brand and business. Recruiters that work with reputable brands will, in turn, place more candidates. 

Keyways to boost employer branding 

Focus on employee reviews 

It is essential to find out what your current and former employees are saying about your organization and or your client. Social media, as well as review websites, can give insights into the ranking of your brand. It is also essential to comment on both positive and negative reviews. This shows that you value feedback. Conducting employee surveys is also a great way to determine why employees are currently in your company. They also help you identify reasons or variables that may influence them to leave. Recruiters need to be aware of their client’s reviews so that when candidates have questions regarding negative reviews, recruiters can more effectively navigate those questions.

Embrace technology 

Proper communication through emails, texts, calls, and social media improves the overall candidate experience. And since recruiters are reaching out on behalf of their clients, it is so important for them to be mindful of this. Using ​recruitment software​ can also help you to create a unique and streamlined candidate experience that maintains your client’s brand and helps you place more candidates overall. 

The benefits of employer branding in recruitment are long-term and very profitable if maintained.  If done right, employer branding in recruitment can shape the success story of your business. If you need to automate your recruitment and help your clients maintain their employer branding, ​talk to one of our consultants​ today. 

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