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What to Look for in an ATS

So many candidates, so many open positions, and so many ways for your candidate management strategy to fall into disarray without the right organizational solutions. 

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely looking for an Applicant Tracking System or are at least considering it. Whether you’re looking to scale big or maximize efficiency as a small business, there are several good reasons to want to adopt an ATS solution.

An ATS is a software that automates, simplifies, and streamlines time-consuming procedures in the recruiting process. As a database, your ATS is a useful tool that will allow you to track, manage, and communicate with candidates every step of the recruiting process.

Before we get into what to look for in an ATS, here are some of the major benefits of an ATS.

Benefits of a Good ATS

ATS + CRM Applications

One of the biggest things to look for in your ATS is whether or not it’s compatible with or comes with a CRM. Similar to an ATS, a CRM is a database that allows you to communicate with, streamline, and manage your clients. 

An advanced CRM comes with several of the same features–automation, communication pipelines, simplified platforms–that an ATS provides, but having both softwares will allow you to bring all your organizational needs into an all-in-one system. 

The combined efficiency of a CRM+ATS will make scheduling interviews, managing the steps in the recruiting process, and evaluating the needs of both clients and candidates all the more easier. 

ATS Automation and AI

In 2020, there’s one definite trend prevalent throughout the recruiting world, and it’s automation and AI applications. 

An ATS without automation or AI features is bound to hold you back as more of the industry is moving that direction. Below are a few key things to look for in an AI-powered ATS. 

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a reliable ATS software for your organization. With Loxo and Loxo AI, you’re guaranteed to have the #1 talent intelligence platform and global leader in AI recruitment software. 

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