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What to Do Before Opening a Recruiting Agency

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Starting a new company is exciting, but there are many tasks to complete and boxes to check before you open your doors for the first time.

The more you plan and prepare, the smoother your recruiting agency’s launch will be and the better equipped you will be for succeeding in your company’s chosen recruiting niche.

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Here’s what you should do before opening a recruiting agency.

Create a Recruitment Agency Business Plan

The first step you should take before opening a recruiting agency is to create a business plan.

Creating a business plan will help you define your company’s strategy, plan the logistics of launch and operations, and showcase your company’s opportunity to potential investors and/or lending institutions.

These are the questions that your business plan needs to answer:


Who are the target customers of your agency?


What is the specialty of your recruiting agency?

What advantage will you give to clients?


Where will your agency be based?

Where will most of your clients be based?


When will you launch your company?

When will you expand your company?


Why are you opening your agency?

Why is your recruitment agency going to be a success?


How will your company capitalize on the opportunity you have identified?

How will you meet up startup requirements?

Your business plan must also answer the following logistical questions about your company:

Build Your Brand

Your recruiting agency needs an appealing, well-defined brand to give new clients confidence in your abilities and to grow the reputation of your new company.

These are the baseline brand assets you should develop before opening your agency:

Find Recruiters and other Staff

You may not need an army of recruiters to start, but you will still need to have major recruiting talent on your side to ensure your first clients are served successfully.

What are your requirements for recruiters?

How will you attract recruiting talent to your agency?

Start Looking for Clients

Before you open your agency, you should have a few clients under contract or near signing a contract with your firm.

The last thing you want is to trip on your first step out the gate, so start looking for clients well before you start incurring operating costs to ensure a successful launch.

Secure Business and Recruiting Tools

You will need quite a few business and recruiting tools to ensure successful operations, so start researching the best tools for your agency well before you launch.

Here are the major functions of the tools your agency will need:

Loxo is an all-in-one recruiting platform with a complete collection of recruiting and business tools to increase the effectiveness of your recruiters, reduce overhead and save time for everyone at your agency.

Loxo includes an ATS + CRM, Loxo Connect (contact info finder), LOXO AI (sourcing automation) and a recruitment marketing tool suite, making it easy to identify talented candidates and move them from sourced to closed. With features like “click to call” and marketing automation, your recruiters will be happier, more effective and more likely to close projects successfully.

Loxo connects you with candidates by sourcing them through proprietary AI and populating Loxo’s CRM + ATS with their contact information. Loxo also helps you connect with candidates using a full suite of marketing features to grow candidate interest in your opportunities.

To learn more about how Loxo can help your agency, you can schedule a demo to see Loxo in action.

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