Sometimes it seems like you need a detective to help you find contact info for a promising candidate. You don’t have the time to dig through the internet, so like many recruiters, you’re looking for a tool that helps you track down candidate info more quickly.

An unknown email address might be the last thing standing between you and your newest hire, and the programs and websites below can take the work out of contact sourcing, so you can get back to growing your business.

Google Chrome Contact Grabbers


The Loxo platform is an all-in-one recruiting platform designed to streamline and simplify talent sourcing, and includes the Loxo Chrome Extension: a powerful contact grabber that pulls contact info from your top candidate sources. Loxo is packed with features that help you discover top candidates, find contact info and then automate a personalized candidate outreach process.

Features include:

  • The Loxo Chrome Extension -Sources contact info from LinkedIn, Indeed, AngeLlist and GitHub that is added directly to a candidate’s profile in Loxo.
  • Loxo AI – Searches thousands of sites for top candidates who may be ideal for any unique job you post and sources top candidates automatically.
  • Loxo Connect – Finds personal contact information of the clients and candidates you want to connect with. This way, your Recruiting CRM creates itself with auto data discovery, allowing you to reach anyone at any time.
  • Mobile Friendly Platform – So you can take your work with you wherever you go.


This search-engine tool is built to scour domains for candidate contacts. Simply search a company website, and you’ll get a list of every public email address available. Hunter offers its members 100 free searches a month, with increased benefits if you choose to upgrade to a paid account.

Features include:

  • The standard email finder, which allows you to search for a verified email at any company. Narrow the list by specifying name, job title or contact type (eg. personal vs. professional).
  • A Chrome extension, which allows you to click a button and get a list of auto-searched email addresses for the website you’re visiting.


Hiretual scoops contact info on resumes and profiles direct from popular candidate sourcing websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This Chrome extension synthesizes candidate information to deliver only the most relevant data, by analyzing aspects like experience, seniority, and availability.

Features include:

  • An AI Sourcing Assistant, which takes care of your sourcing tasks for you while you’re working on other projects.
  • A candidate persona builder that gives you a quick visual reference to understand your candidates experience, expertise and education.


This contact grabber, calling itself the “world’s most accurate email search engine”, starts free with 5 searches a month, increasing to 1150 per month with their gold membership package. RocketReach analyzes thousands of public data points to find prospects’ personal and work emails, phone numbers and social media profiles.

Features include:

  • A Chrome extensions which allows you to search candidates by name on LinkedIn, AngelList and Crunchbase and then directly look up their contact info.
  • An API for all you programmers who want easy integration with other recruiting programs.


Acquired by LinkedIn in 2016, this platform integrates with LinkedIn recruiter and gives you instant access to a massive pool of qualified candidates (over 450,000,000 to be exact). The development team boasts experience from such institutions as Google, Stanford, and NASA, and you can find research papers published on their website.

Features include:

  • A convenient pop-up sidebar, available whenever you’re viewing a candidate’s profile through LinkedIn Recruiter or certain other job sites. The program automatically searches for and displays a list of verified email addresses.
  • Filters that help you customize and organize candidate lists.
  • Ownership by LinkedIn means you can contact LinkedIn for advice and support for best use of this extension.


Conspire goes one step further in the contact grabbing process. Not only does it find candidate emails, but it also analyzes your address book to find contacts you have in common. This means you can find a human to introduce you, and make the best possible impression on your prospect. Nothing spammy about that.

Features include:

  • The Relationship Graph, which compiles your common contacts and organizes them based on factors like how long and how frequently they’ve communicated with one another.
  • Free and unlimited access for members.

CEO Email Addresses

A straightforward brass-tacks database featuring an alphabetized list of Chief Executive Officers from a plethora of major companies and organizations. This contact grabber has zero in the way of design, but thorough and all-encompassing information. You can search a company by name and find its leader’s email, phone number, personal social media accounts and other related lists.

Features include:

  • A super-simple, easy-to-navigate search engine.
  • A ‘hints and tips’ guide to contacting a busy and hard-to-reach CEO.
  • Easy browsing with an alphabet and by-region navigator.

Anymail Finder

This sourcing software finds verified emails on an individual basis, or in bulk. You can search a prospect by their name and company and Anymail will find it, or guess it and let you try it out for free. The software is super-accurate, and verifies emails to 100% before they charge you for the service. Any contact that comes back any less that 70% verified is without cost to the user.

Features include:

  • Rollover search credits for subscribed members, so you can get your money’s worth every time.
  • Bulk verification, which allows you to upload a list of emails and have them verified en-masse by the Anymail software.

Final Thoughts: Google Chrome Contact Grabbers

Google contact grabbers help you to increase your information sourcing capabilities and free up your schedule by eliminating the tedious task of scouring the internet for emails and phone numbers.

By incorporating the Loxo Chrome Extension into your workflow, candidates you source (automatically through Loxo AI) are automatically updated in your ATS with the correct contact info to get in touch with them.

To learn more about the Loxo Chrome Extension and the other time saving features this all-in-one executive recruiting software offers, you can schedule a demo here.