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Recruiting Automation Tips

Your Applicant tracking system can decide whether or not your recruitment team is successful. Improving your ATS quality and effectiveness will help you source and recruit competent and qualified candidates. Here are some essential tips to help improve your recruiting automation within your ATS to help save you time and help you focus on what matters, placing candidates. 

Make sure your ATS has an Intuitive Interface.

An applicant tracking system needs to have everything recruiters need to manage and organize their candidate pipelines. The easier the system is to use, the easier it will be to automate your current mundane tasks. Furthermore, while there is always a learning curve with new software, it will all be worth it when you start to see the return on investment. Finding an applicant tracking system with an intuitive interface is necessary to cut this learning curve down to a minimum and optimize recruiting automation. A user-friendly ATS ensures users can understand how the system works with little effort. 

Automate Personalized Emails

Many organizations find that writing personal emails to every candidate is very time-consuming and difficult. However, writing emails that start with “Dear Candidate” indicates failed candidate communication. You can easily automate your ATS to send emails with actual candidates’ names, job posts applied for, and the company name. Undeniably, it would help if you also did this for other follow-up messages, such as “thank you” and “we’ll get back to you soon.” 

Automate Candidate Matching and Ranking

It is common for recruitment firms to have large databases to pull candidates from. Having a system that parses through all of your candidate records to find the top matches for your open position will save you the time of manually going through every one of them. Automated candidate matching will allow recruiters to improve other parts of the recruitment process to lower their hiring time. Also, Automation will enable candidates to be sourced more quickly while avoiding unconscious bias. Remember, when you automate your sourcing process, you’ll be able to rank and filter candidates equitably and fairly. 

Look for Opportunities to Automate Recruiting Efforts

After evaluating your process end-to-end, it would be best to look for opportunities to improve recruiting automation in your ATS. Your ATS should intelligently reach out to qualified candidates at the right time and help you reduce Time to Fill. Undoubtedly, an adequate ATS should also make communication and coordination easier for your recruitment team and follow best practices for automation. Furthermore, some areas needing ATS automation include interview evaluation forms, offer letters, email templates, and hiring approvals. 

Improve Candidate Experience

Your ATS should be optimized to improve the experience of the applicants. Subsequently, candidate experience is one of the top differentiating factors during talent acquisition. You need to have a clear drill-down of the job application process and how it impacts the candidates. The number of steps required to apply for a job should be minimal and easy to complete. The attitude of your employees towards your company begins at the application stage.

Avoid the Generic Email Blast 

Candidates usually take the time to answer your questions thoughtfully. Moreover, they also spent time researching the open position. Therefore, you should not reward their efforts with impersonal and generic emails. Your applicant tracking system should be able to personalize emails to improve a candidate’s experience. 

Keep Off Instant Applicant Rejection

Your applicant tracking system should not reject candidates instantly after falling below a specific criterion. For instance, your ATS might be programmed to reject people with less than five years of experience automatically. Rather than rewarding candidates with a quick rejection email, allow them to complete the application process. However, Once the application process is complete, ensure that your rejection email clearly explains why an applicant was screened out. Also, for proper ATS automation, you need to understand your unique hiring needs. At Loxo, we’re a talent intelligence platform and a global leader in artificial intelligence recruitment automation software. Kindly request a live demo today and learn more about how to improve your ATS automation here.

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