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The Recruiting Funnel: How to Get Each Step Right

Attracting top talent is, without a doubt, what makes or breaks a recruiting agency. Looking only at short-term success, however, may leave you with a well-intentioned but ultimately unsustainable recruitment method for long-term success.

More than simply maximizing efficiency on key metrics and filling recent job postings, recruiters need a methodology and structure that will enable them to find top talent and build success for the future. This structure is otherwise called a recruiting funnel.

A recruiting funnel, or talent acquisition funnel, is a framed series of steps that cover the entire recruiting process and ensure a constant stream of quality candidates for present and future openings. 

Below are the five steps to a recruiting funnel and how to get each one right.

Brand Awareness

According to a Glassdoor study, more than 75% of job seekers said one of the first things they look for in a posting is whether or not the company is a desirable place to work. Even with the right position, salary, and demands, candidates care a lot about the brand and reputation of a company. 

Before you can start assessing your strengths and weaknesses as a brand, you might want to assess how your reputation is currently perceived by candidates. Take some surveys, read through reviews of  your company online, and engage with candidates to see how they feel about you as an organization.

From there, you can start making informed decisions and allocate resources to the relevant areas in your brand awareness strategy. Things to consider improving include:

Talent Acquisition Funnel and Sourcing

Once you’ve established a robust brand awareness strategy, you can start bringing in more candidates through sourcing. 

In today’s job market, it’s not unheard of for candidates, especially younger candidates, to have 10-15 jobs throughout their careers. This means that you need a dynamic sourcing strategy that looks to engage with both passive and active candidates. There are a few ways to set up your sourcing funnel. 

Drawing in Applicants

Drawing in applicants is about two things: 1) making your open positions readily known to the public, and 2) making the candidate experience of applying and communicating with your staff as enjoyable and seamless as possible.

Here are some ways to help candidates know if your posting is a right fit and boost your candidate experience:

Interview Process in the Recruitment Funnel 

Less than 20% of candidates make it to the interview portion of the recruiting funnel, so it’s important to get the interview step right if you want to secure hires for your open positions. 

If you’ve done every step correctly until this process, then you should have a quality candidate who is well-informed on the details of the posting and who recognizes you as a credible organization. Most of the hard work has been done up until this point, and what you’re really trying to do here is to confirm if this candidate is as great as your hiring process says they are. 

This means being detailed in your directions surrounding the interview process, being prompt and professional, exposing the candidate to your company culture, being open to questions, and providing constructive feedback throughout the interview process. 

The Final Step in the Recruitment Funnel: Hiring

If everything goes well up until this point, then you’ve done a great job. You’re ready to close in on a position and meet your clients with some happy news. 

Of course, be open with your candidate as they will surely have some questions, especially regarding pay. Likely, the pay will be included in the job description and you can confirm where they stand on salary earlier in the process. But if they want to negotiate, be open to their suggestion and try to come to an agreement that can make them happy and that you perceive as fair compensation. 

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