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Reduce time-to-hire by 85%, cut costs 74% and find higher-quality talent while managing your entire recruiting lifecycle in one system.

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Talent Intelligence Platform

Why Switch to Loxo?

An ATS by itself is not enough. An ATS was designed to manage Inbound Recruiting, but screening inbound applicants is not recruiting.

Outbound Recruiting and Sourcing tools claim to be a CRM, but lack 90% of functionality that both in-house and agencies require in a Recruiting CRM.

Loxo offers the only enterprise-grade CRM that provides all the DATA, updates automatically and integrates artificial intelligence.

Contact Data

The recruiting process is clunky and broken

The Old Way

Old Recruiting Workflow

  • Post and pray to job boards to attract inbound applicants
  • Pester your network for referrals
  • Manually hunt-and-peck across job boards and social networks to find passive talent
  • Reach out without personal contact information through social networks with no ability to follow up
  • Waste time and money paying for and jumping between separate tools to complete daily recruiting tasks
  • Manually type every email, social network message and SMS one at a time
  • Struggle to report on even basic activities and track progress as a result of using separate software tools
  • Add candidate profiles into an ATS black hole never to be found again
  • Start each search from scratch without your software having any intelligence to remember or learn from past searches
The New Way

Loxo Workflow

  • Loxo Source™ makes sourcing easy with 1.2 billion people
  • Loxo AI™ ranks active and passive candidates and learns from past searches with artificial intelligence
  • Loxo Connect™ gives you mobile phones and personal emails
  • Loxo Outreach™ automates candidate engagement and outbound follow-up
  • Loxo Recruiting CRM helps you manage your workflow and relationships
  • Loxo ATS is an award winning user interface with the optional ability to set up bi-directional integration with your ATS/HRIS
  • Loxo Reporting uses powerful reporting and beautiful dashboards to track progress towards your goals

Consolidate without compromise

Beautiful things happen when recruiters can source, nurture, and manage everything they need to do on a daily basis in one system.

Automated Workflows

Increase recruiter efficiency

Don’t switch between multiple tools, inefficiently complete tasks one at a time or manually enter data. With a delightful and intelligent end-to-end system, your recruiters can work seamlessly and efficiently.

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Save On Subscriptions

Cut costs, not capabilities

Paying for various sourcing tools, third-party contact info, multiple outreach programs, an ATS, and a CRM adds up. Loxo combines all those capabilities into one system at a much lower cost, in a much easier to use system.

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Self-refreshing Database

Don’t worry about updating your database, we have you covered

Loxo AI, our artificial intelligence platform, can repair inaccurate data, enrich partial records, and keep your talent database up to date automatically without any human involvement.

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