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Talent Acquisition Strategy and Planning

A robust talent acquisition strategy is central to the success of any recruiting firm or HR team. In fact, according to this study posted on LinkedIn, more than 80% of recruiting leaders said that talent acquisition was their #1 priority in 2017.

While recruiting focuses on the short term tactics recruiters employ to fill spots on a weekly or monthly basis, talent acquisition is utilized as a long-term, strategic approach that will define the ways you nurture relationships and build a sizeable candidate pool for the future.

With a steady pool of top talent, you can build trust with your clients, successfully match candidates to open positions, and build a reputation for your organization as a leading competitor in the recruiting world. 

Defining Goals With your Talent Acquisition Strategy and Planning

Before establishing the concrete steps required to bolster your talent acquisition strategy, you want to assess your long-term goals, benchmarks, and greater business vision. 

One simple and concrete way to do this is by establishing a set of goals you’d like to reach in the next one-to-five years. Once you know where your company needs to be in the long-run, you can start evaluating your strengths, weaknesses, and current recruiting model. 

Things to consider in planning your talent acquisition strategy:

Utilize Data and Analytics in your Talent Acquisition Strategy

When it comes to making hiring decisions and finding compatible matches between candidates and clients, no successful recruiters base their decisions off of hopeful guesses. 

Recruiters with proven track records make informed, data-driven decisions when assessing compatibility between open positions and viable candidates. And they’re able to make smart decisions because they have a robust and comprehensive database to compliment their acquisition strategy. 

One of the central analytic features to any talent acquisition strategy is a CRM+ATS solution. An advanced CRM solution will merge your entire workflow under one recruiting platform, allowing you to draw connections between the various steps in the recruiting process and identify patterns with successful and unsuccessful hires. 

With valuable analytic insights, you can learn about who you hire, the way you’re hiring them, and their history as a client or candidate. 

AI and Machine Learning Talent Acquisition Strategy

Investing in AI and machine learning technology will allow you to scale and diversify your candidate pool. 

The short-term benefits of AI applications are hard to go unnoticed: recruiters can streamline long and tedious processes like sourcing and screening, reach dozens of talent pools with the click of a button, and improve recruiting practices by eliminating human bias in the hiring process. 

When it comes to the strategic benefits, however, AI applications are all about allocating resources and scalability. By eliminating time-consuming processes with the help of AI solutions, how do you plan on relegating all that “free” time to your staff? 

Because it’s likely that you’ll have access to a more diverse and high-quality talent pool, it’s important to have the clients and positions to match your candidates. Marketing you company, building your brand, and scaling your overall reach to match your candidate pool are all great ways to refocus efforts away from tedious steps in recruitment and continue moving forward. 

Developing a comprehensive gameplan, utilizing powerful data analytics to gain valuable insights, and investing in the right technology to streamline and automate tedious steps in the recruiting are three important aspects of any successful talent acquisition strategy. 

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