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I took it upon myself to conduct an unofficial and unscientific talent acquisition survey.  I wanted to talk to various Sourcers from around the nation and get their take on the candidate of 2020. Did we learn anything this year that will help us prepare for 2021?  The Sourcing ruminations I gathered are mostly anecdotal, but they are from the horse’s mouth and should be given credence.  Sourcers are the first point of contact with a potential prospect and have been privy to unfiltered candidate emotions.  Everyone’s opinion or empirical observations have at least a smidge of truth and are worth reflecting upon. The hope would be that we’ve learned something from 2020 talent sourcing with the ups and downs, the highs and lows, and the struggles and successes that will help position us better in 2021.  Even though this year showed us that any good plan could be whittled to dust within 24 hours, we must attempt to understand.  Covid-19 dismantled economies in literal days.  In 2020 talent acquisition teams had furloughs and reassignment we never dreamt possible, but here we are.  I surveyed about 30 Sourcers from coast to coast, from Maine to California.  Most of the Sourcers were in healthcare, keep that in mind, but from all types of organization sizes, strength, and profit level.


Here are their thoughts on 2020 Talent Sourcing:



I hope talent acquisition leaders read this.  This is not the time to take our foot off the gas.  We need shorter processes, revamped compensation plans, a renewed emphasis on community resources for relocation purposes, hiring manager involvement, and recruitment marketing and engagement plans with dollar signs behind them.  We are not at the end of this yet. The candidate of today will take some time to recover.  And they are getting smarter.  2021 will continue to bring challenges that must be addressed with fresh eyes and focus.


Happy hunting, everyone.

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