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Recruitment Email Statistics Should Should Know

The email has been around since the 1970s, yet it is still highly influential today, even with the younger generation. It is one integral part of marketing that has passed the test of time and will likely excel in the future. We know this from the candidate email statistics that prove any business can easily use emails to achieve their marketing goals.

Here are the marketing statistics that show how essential email is to marketing, and marketing needs an email.

82% of World Marketers Use Emails Consisting Of Less Than 60 Characters Subject Lines

Research conducted by Aweber analyzed about 1000 emails coming from top 100 world marketers to see how the experts craft their success emails. 82% of the experts sent out emails with less than 60-character subject lines from the study. It is a fact because most email service providers don’t show complete subject lines exceeding 60.

The average subject line for these top marketers was about 43.85 characters in length. Marketers can note the importance of using short and catchy subject lines from this state. As an email marketer, it is best to try as much as possible to restrict yourself to the 60 subject lines mark to succeed immensely.

Also, remember that most recipients use their mobile devices to access emails on the go. Therefore, long subject lines would be infuriating to view small screen sizes, with other materials in the same tiny space. 

People Spend an Average of 2.5 Hours on Weekdays Checking Personal Emails during Work Hours

Research by Adobe studied the ways white-collar employees use emails in their daily life. They reported that people usually spend an average of 2.5 hours checking their inboxes and take even more time to deal with work-related emails. Some people check their inboxes before starting their day, especially before they get out of bed.

Marketers can realize from this state that most people have included checking emails as part of their lives. They can do it anytime without separating personal emails from their work. Therefore, there is no need to wait long to send your non-work-related emails outside business hours as a guarantee that the target will view them.

To ensure you maximize the traffic, make your email skimmable. Most of the time, employees view these emails by simply scanning and may not take action until after work.

The Current Average Number of Email Accounts to User Ratio Is 1.75 and Still Rising Steadily

Many people now use more than one email account simultaneously, increasing the global email usage rate steadily over the past few years. Radicati Group specializes in market research, specifically in the technology domain. They conducted a study and established that the average email account to user ratio is currently at 1.75, and the index may grow to 1.86 at the beginning of 2022.

The study also suggested that these numerous emails that consumers create have well-defined purposes. Some are strictly for communicating with family members and friends, while others are for buying things online.

Since it is easy for people to create new emails for specific purposes. Marketers need to remember to update and remove any updated emails that add no value. Also, ensure you provide incentives to your consumers when they keep you in the loop after updating their emails.

You can use these candidate email statistics effectively to maximize your email marketing strategies. Loxo enables corporates to find top talents in the broad global and competitive market. Join us to take the first step to a fruitful AI recruiting program.

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