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With great power comes great responsibility, and with a great CRM system comes the many great user adoption challenges that all recruiting firms will encounter.

When integrating any kind of new technology, there are some notably familiar challenges that most teams confront: establishing a common language, extending applications to all departments, and going through an initial trial and error period, to name a few.

CRM adoption challenges, while also involving the familiar tech hurdles mentioned, have a unique set of functions that recruiters need to be aware of if they’re going to maximize the tool.

Here are some of the most common CRM adoption challenges recruiters face.

CRM Adoption Challenges with Training

The most difficult aspect of CRM training involves all of the functions that come with a CRM. From sourcing candidates to tracking your lines of communication and candidate activity rates, CRMs are an extremely thorough tool that requires users to understand all of its functions if they’re going to maximize its use.

This is why it’s important to introduce the CRM as an ongoing process that you build, step-by-step, over a long period of time. This will not only make the training more manageable for everyone involved, but it helps introduce the CRM as a continuous process as opposed to a pesky two-week training procedure that resistant participants have to put up with.

It should also be noted that CRMs change rapidly, increasingly so in recent years. Expect innovations and features of CRM technology to accelerate from yearly to quarterly rates, and make sure your training procedures reflect such changes.

Thorough CRM Adoption Integration

A CRM’s utility is maximized when universal adoption throughout your entire company or department is present. This means that you need the proper managing team to help facilitate collaboration throughout the various departments of your recruiting firm. Allocating enthusiastic and tech savvy managers in each relevant department is key in making sure all your departments are working together and communicating effectively.

This is especially important when developing your integrated talent strategy. HR departments might look to outsource candidates for certain positions without knowing that your company is already capable of filling that role, either through an inactive candidate lost in the cracks or a simple oversight. A CRM will organize and track all candidates and employees in one, easy-to-manage platform, giving hiring managers everything they need to make educated and efficient hiring decisions.

CRM Adoption and Participation

It’s natural for people to resist change, and integrating a CRM system is no exception. Similar to some of the issues with training, participation is often a recurring challenge with recruiting teams. Even after you go through the workshops, meetings, and training sessions, how can you ensure your recruiters will use your CRM system to its fullest capabilities?

Here are a few ways you can bolster CRM participation with your recruiters:

Measuring CRM Adoption Success

All of your efforts in thwarting the various CRM adoption challenges will be to no avail if you don’t measure your success. Measuring CRM outcomes is the only real way to ensure you’re maximizing the vast capabilities of your CRM technology. Identifying outcomes, automation of processes, and productivity are all important practices to measure.

Your CRM will make these measurements easy to track and analyze. Custom dashboards are often automated in your CRM, allowing managers and team leaders to access reports, log files, and audit user participation. Managers will easily and readily be able to tell if improvements are coming from your CRM or through other means.

Loxo’s ATS+CRM technology provides an elegant design that ensures a more productive and enjoyable recruiting experience. A simple design, smart software, and intuitive interface will guarantee that your recruiting firm integrates CRM adoption practices with ease and confidence. Make recruiting simple with Loxo.

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