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Welcome to Becoming a Hiring Machine

July 2, 2023

sam kuenhle

This is the show dedicated to fixing recruitment by going beyond saying WHAT needs to change and instead, teaches you HOW to make the change.

Host Sam Kuehnle takes us on a journey to help individuals become more efficient and competitive in their hiring processes. We invite recruiters to join a community of like-minded individuals who are eager to drive recruitment forward.

We tackle the broken recruitment process head-on, aiming to fix it and bring about improvement. We focus on the modern recruitment landscape, exploring both the mindset and the technology behind it. Join us as we feature subject matter experts, recruiters, agency owners, executive decision-makers, and hiring managers, who generously share their insights and experiences. These thought-provoking episodes provide practical solutions to real-world recruitment challenges. What sets this podcast apart from others is its refreshing approach.

We steer clear of industry platitudes and corporate cliches, delivering genuine and applicable advice.

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