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090: Deconstructing Common Misconceptions in the Hiring Process ft. Mike Peditto

May 2, 2024

sam kuenhle
mike peditto

In this conversation, Sam is joined by Mike Peditto, Director of Talent at Teal, The Realistic Recruiter on Instagram and TikTok, and host of the Corporate Pizza Party Podcast. Together, they chat through common misconceptions in the hiring process.

There are a lot of misleading statistics floating around out there — so in this episode, we get down to brass tacks on resumes, the role of cover letters, the balance between skills and attitude in hiring, the different approaches to job searching, and the importance of sending personalized rejection emails. They also touch on the benefits of using social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram to share job search advice and build a personal brand as a recruiter.

Covering the full-scope of both recruiter and candidate experience, this one is a must-listen!



00:00 – Podcast Intro
02:16 – The Real Journey: Mike’s Career Path Unraveled
05:46 – Resume Realities: Navigating the ATS and Avoiding Auto-Rejection
15:12 – Cover Letters Unveiled: Debunking the Debate
17:02 – Recruiters as Guides: Nurturing Candidates Through the Hiring Journey
19:36 – LinkedIn Lies: Challenging Myths and Misconceptions
34:13 – Navigating the Job Market: Modern Strategies for Success
28:06 – Rejecting with Dignity: Redefining the Candidate Rejection Process
47:03 – Parting Words: Insights, Inspiration, and Farewell


Want to dive deeper on this topic or read a bit about it? Check out our article on deconstructing hiring process myths. 

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